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Experience a breach before it happens in our Cybersecurity Experience Center

Geert van der Linden
December 2, 2020

With more organizations embracing digital transformation across all areas of their business, the number of threats is increasing. Enterprises are exposed to more digital risks than ever before – some that they might not even be aware of, and it’s often a case of when, not if, they will come under attack. The question they need to ask themselves is: can we handle the incident?

Last year, our research found that over half (56%) of executives think their cybersecurity analysts are overwhelmed by the vast array of data points they need to monitor to detect and prevent security breaches. These incidents are high-pressure scenarios that can test the resilience and agility of an organization. Successful remediation requires a strategic concoction of incident detection, identification, and response that is managed carefully – but quickly – by strong leaders. Knowing your organization’s risk profile and having the right technologies and capabilities to endure and overcome any incidents is essential.

Introducing the Cybersecurity Experience Center

It is difficult to know how well your organization will react to a breach without first undergoing one. That’s why we have created the Cybersecurity Experience Center: an immersive experience that simulates a real data breach within your company – without the risk.

We’ve designed the Cybersecurity Experience Center with top enterprise cybersecurity challenges in mind. The simulations we provide are an excellent, immersive learning opportunity for management and security teams, helping them to understand the dynamics of a cybersecurity incident, and the technology, people, and processes needed to protect one’s business.

The first European Cybersecurity Experience Center has just opened in the Netherlands for our global customers. Inside the building we’ve installed numerous innovative technologies within dynamic rooms, each of which can be tailored to emulate your organization’s specific infrastructure and cybersecurity needs.

  • The Demo Cyber Defense Center (CDC): This room showcases the activities of a functioning CDC, providing participants with a view of the activity of a simulated digital environment and providing the necessary tools to detect, analyze, and remediate incidents.
  • The Industrial Control Room: The operational technology room has been set up to simulate the control room of a factory environment, showcasing the operator terminals and architecture components of a production environment.
  • The Executive Board Room: The executive board room provides C-level and operational participants with a war-room to assess the crises and develop a strategy to overcome the incident.

When they arrive to the center, visitors are submerged in a cybersecurity crisis so they can experience first-hand its impact on business operations and learn how to coordinate remediation efforts. With the equipment from our partner Boeing we can simulate the IT, OT, and IoT environment of a company, making it as realistic as possible. Breach simulations can even be adapted to different levels of difficulty, so that cybersecurity teams can test and improve their technical and operational skills – guided by our experienced trainers and cybersecurity specialists.

By attending the cybersecurity experience center, teams gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses while building ever-important trust and alignment between the executive level and its security operators through tailored training. As a result, businesses are better able to assess what needs to be done to bolster both their defenses and breach response plans, guided by our team of experts.

Preparation is power

Our vision is to help our global clients feel and be more prepared for cybersecurity incidents across their organization, and significantly reduce the impact of these attacks if and when they do occur.

Experience the incident before it has a real impact on your business. To find out more about visiting the Cybersecurity Experience Center, click here.

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