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hannover messe

April 22-26, 2024

Hannover Messe ’24 – the world’s leading industrial trade fair – is where companies from around the globe and across all industries come together to present innovation, provide inspiration, and create interaction. And we invite you to join us.

In all industries, products, software, data, and services are increasingly connecting and complementing each other in a way that enables completely new use cases, revenue sources, and business models. Intelligent Industry accelerates transformation processes, while reducing the risk of strategic technology decisions, and striving to create sustainable business value.

Join our Intelligent Industry experts at our booth to take you through how Capgemini can help you devise, design, and deliver new sources of value, impeccable customer experiences, and more sustainable practices. 

Unlock the potential of your physical and digital worlds.

Contact us

For appointment enquiries and questions about our trade fair appearance, please reach out to us and we will get in touch with you.

The future of industry is intelligent

Every product can be smart and connected. This increases uptime, improves efficiency, saves costs and creates new revenue streams through service models.

A software-driven transformation is redefining the global automotive industry. Vehicles, organisational structures, processes, methods and tools are defined, designed and operated by software

Enable end-to-end digital continuity across the entire product lifecycle by seamlessly integrating ideation, development, manufacturing and aftersales into a unified digital collaboration.

The next generation of factories will be hyper-connected, intelligent, autonomous and sustainable. They will also be characterized by high adaptability and optimal use of resources. Digital technologies will enable traditional systems to become intelligent and change the way they work.

Supply chains are at the centre of challenges in all industries today and are subject to an ongoing transformation process. Greater resilience and sustainability efforts – an important concern for all companies – are highly dependent on optimizing the supply chain.

Welcome to our Intelligent Industry Stage

At Hannover Messe, we have an inspiring lecture program with top-class speakers from the most important manufacturing companies worldwide – freely accessible to all Hannover Messe visitors. Visit the Capgemini stand F52, be inspired by the presentations on our Intelligent Industry Stage, and take part in the Q&A sessions afterwards! Updates on speakers and presentations to follow soon.

Meet our experts

William Rozé

CEO of Capgemini Engineering and Group Executive Board Member

Jochen Bechtold

Managing Director of Capgemini Engineering in Germany
Together with the Capgemini Engineering Team and the power of the Capgemini Group, my goal is to further expand the convergence of the physical and digital world towards “Intelligent Industry”, making our clients’ value chains, products and services even more connected, data-driven, intelligent and sustainable.

Frank Lubnau

 Head of Intelligent Platforms in Germany
Frank has held the role of Head of Intelligent Platforms in Germany BU for the last ten months and this new role signifies the strategic importance of Intelligent Industry to our SBU growth ambitions, as well as the value it brings to our clients as they seek new ways to unlock competitive advantage.

Roshan Gya

CEO of Capgemini Invent
Roshan Gya has been appointed CEO of Capgemini Invent, the digital innovation, consulting and transformation brand of the Capgemini Group, in January 2023. He is a member of the Group Executive Committee.

Pierre Bagnon

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Intelligent Industry Accelerator
Pierre is Head of Capgemini Intelligent Industry. As an Industry 4.0 expert, he focuses on the digital and sustainable transformation of the industry, including intelligent operations, intelligent product and services, and digital continuity, notably for the automotive, industrial goods, consumer goods, and life sciences sectors. In addition, he leads the Capgemini Gigafactory practice. Prior to Capgemini, Pierre served as an executive at Bosch.

Dr. Christoph Stich

Expert in Automotive, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Transformation