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Nordic Future of Technology Forum 2022

Intelligent Industry: The Path to Sustainable Growth

On June 9th for the 3rd edition of Nordic Future of Technology Forum we had a unique opportunity to learn from Silicon Valley’s thought leaders and innovators about entering the next era of digital transformation. We also got the opportunity to dive into the Nordic perspectives brought to you by Nordic business leaders.

We now share the session as the on demand recording, which you can watch here:


Temperature extremes and disastrous weather events have become more frequent because of climate change originating from human activity. The best available science is clear: humankind is on a destructive path even when achieving ambitious targets. Join us to explore new opportunities for the Intelligent Industry to take action for a sustainable future with economic growth and environmentally responsible outcomes – led by innovation and technology.

In this third edition of the top-rated series “Future of Technology – Silicon Valley” we will learn more about some of the most significant industry trends, including:

  • Where ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments continue to rise
  • How renewable energy is becoming increasingly affordable
  • The path to sustainable products becoming the norm
  • Why digital manufacturing is globally embraced

Speakers and panelists are leaders from Silicon Valley businesses and the Nordics, a region famous for its commitment to transforming government practices, business operations, and consumer behaviors for a sustainable future.


4.00 pm – Introduction

The Paris Agreement state that we have 10 years to halve the global greenhouse gas emission to be able to reach net zero until 2050. Intelligent Industry and Climate Tech plays an important role is this change.

Capgemini, our partners and clients need to work together to fuel the process of innovations and solutions to a more sustainable world

4.10 pm – Fireside Chat – Future Trends from Silicon Valley perspective

See how Cisco tackle their sustainability challenges with help of innovation and new technologies.

4:30 pm – Panel discussion 1: How to reduce the carbon footprint by sustainable operations

The digital transformation in manufacturing supports reduction of carbon footprint. By optimizing the processes in a sustainable perspective there is a lot to gain. Adopting industrial software, digital tools, robotics, and new agile ways of working are gaining ground. The value of industrial data, liberated and contextualized by a new generation of software solutions are enablers here. Meet our experts who will give you their view of this hot topic! Participants in the panel are Astra Zeneca, Mölnlycke Health Care, Cognite and Capgemini.

4:55 pm – Panel discussion 2: Sustainable products and services

The path to sustainable products is now becoming the norm. Innovation when it comes to sustainable product development and the usage of renewable energy is on every company’s agenda. The updated European Union initiative “Ecodesign Directive” will affect many products sold in EU and will put further pressure on the development of environmentally sustainable and circular products. During this session you will learn more from the leading experts within the field. Participants in the panel are Northvolt, Freyer, Nokia, Rise and Capgemini.

5.20 pm – Closing and summary