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Capgemini Content eXplosion

Unleashing the value of content.

We live in a world that is content rich, yet attention starved. There is an unprecedented and accelerating demand for engaging and personalized content, across more channels, in more formats, in real-time. This is the content explosion.

Creating and delivering relevant and timely content to drive meaningful engagement

How can today’s marketers respond to this content explosion? What should they do to ensure their efforts yield a solid Return on Investment rather than being wasted on irrelevant, ill-timed content targeting? To effectively compete for consumers’ attention, organizations must meet the content explosion challenges head on.

The Capgemini Content eXplosion value proposition

Capgemini helps brands realize and maximize their content potential, enhancing brand salience, customers conversion and loyalty, through relevant and timely content.

We accompany our clients on 3 key pillars from planning to execution

Strategy: we support brands to develop their vision, strategy and approach to win in content

Technology: we help brands build and implement the right content platform, to deliver on channels and contexts

Organization & Processes: we assist our clients to adapt their organization and processes, towards more agile, collaborative and data driven marketing ways of working, that meet the requirements of always on consumers.

Meet our experts

Dr. Thomas Dmoch

Dr. Thomas Dmoch

Global Offer Lead Connected Marketing; Head of Marketing Consulting Capgemini Invent
Thomas Dmoch is the Global Offer Lead in Connected Marketing. He is heading a talented team of dreamers, thinkers, techies and brand strategists, driven to activate people by great customer experiences that win their hearts and move markets.