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Generative ai for the public sector

A transformative technology for the public sector

Like no technology before, generative AI has the potential to boost the process efficiency and service quality of the public sector – and deeply transform the way government agencies work. If harnessed correctly, generative AI may be a boon to the public sector by helping them address today’s most pressing problems and ensure citizen trust and satisfaction with government services.

For the public sector the question is not so much whether but how it will employ generative AI.

In the rather stable landscape of public services, generative AI stands out as a catalyst for change. With its ease of use and broad applicability, generative AI is rapidly changing the way the live, work, and consume information – and public organizations are urged to leverage the triple technology dividend and innovation potential that generative AI has to offer.

First, generative AI emerges as a solution for the public sector to be more efficient by allowing for much faster processing of the unstructured data and production of content and code. Second, with its ability to sort through vast amounts of text, images, and audio it can help public sector servants to obtain new insights, fostering more intelligent decision-making. And third, by offering 24/7 AI chatbots and sleek self-service platforms, for instance, public sector agencies can significantly amp up citizens’ service experience.

“The critical question about generative AI is how we, as a society, can make sure that we harness it and prevent its misuse – so that it enhances our ability to make the right decisions and fosters ethical behavior. If we manage this, the potential contribution of generative AI for public service and the common good is truly amazing.”

Dr. Philipp Fuerst, VP Data-Driven Government & Offer Leader, Global Public Sector

However, generative AI does pose challenge. Prone to errors and hallucinations, generative AI models may generate inaccurate or and biased output – which is unacceptable for government services. Hence, transparency and explainability are essential for public sector adoption, ensuring trustworthiness and accountability.

Indeed, the future of generative AI lies in finding proper balance between harnessing the benefits while mitigating risks. Real-world applications demonstrate the potential of generative AI, but ethics and compliance must come first.

Capgemini, as a trusted partner, building from Data & AI expertise of over 30,000 data and AI consultants worldwide, stands as a strategic partner for data-driven governments. We help public sector organizations unlock the potential of generative AI while ensuring ethics, privacy, security and transparency.

Generative AI empowers public sector agencies to bridge the innovation gap and reimagine service delivery for the benefit of citizens.

Meet our expert

Dr. Philipp Fuerst

VP Data-Driven Government & Offer Leader, Global Public Sector
To unlock the value of their data, governments need to make organizational changes and meet new technology requirements. Yet, the many examples of public sector agencies that have already successfully embarked on the journey to become data-driven organizations show that these hurdles can be overcome. Their gains in decision making, operational efficiency and citizen experience are tangible and significant. Our clients believe the benefits they have reaped are well worth the effort.