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Industrialized Data and AI Engineering Acceleration (IDEA) by Capgemini

Are you looking to industrialize your data estate? Or liberate the full power of your business through data? Get the keys to your data-powered organization with IDEA by Capgemini.

Reimagine your data-powered enterprise

IDEA by Capgemini doesn’t just help organizations do things faster, but differently—modernizing.  Our capability combines production-ready, out-of-the-box applications and modules that are also fully customizable—granting organizations both speed and flexibility as they transform their data estate. 

Data is every organization’s most competitive and strategic asset—except that in many cases it is also a scattered resource, difficult to gather, store, analyze and govern across functions, applications and initiatives. 

Enter IDEA by Capgemini—Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration—a new capability from Capgemini that helps organizations turn their data sprawl into a true strategic asset. 

Based on our research The Data-powered Enterprise, a strong emphasis on data quality is critical: 

Flex your data muscles – and grow them

IDEA by Capgemini helps organizations establish the necessary data foundation and infrastructure, as well as build the supplemental capabilities, needed to become a data-powered organization.  as well as build the supplemental capabilities, needed to become a data-powered organization.

Let’s be practical – it’s time to make a difference

IDEA by Capgemini is purpose-built for the modern world and designed to help organizations overcome the most common challenges within their data modernization journey. 

We help to: 

  • Avoid AI fatigue by building a solid but flexible foundation and infrastructure from which to launch and scale use cases. 
  • Drain the data swamp with our Assessment & Discovery accelerator. 
  • Maintain the highest levels of safety, security, privacy and ethicality with IDEA’s built-in methodologies. 
  • Manage the increasingly complex and ever-evolving regulatory environment. 

How can we help make data your competitive edge?

A modern data strategy is a key to becoming a data-powered organization. Find out how IDEA by Capgemini can help your organization: 

  • Unlock new revenue models through high-value, intelligent products and services 
  • Improve customer experience and engagement with personalized, relevant marketing and communication 
  • Leverage data products and real-time insights to enable faster and better decision-making 
  • Optimize business operations across the entire enterprise 

Meet our experts

Paramita Gupta

Expert in Analytics, Change Management, Insights and Data
A senior leader with over 20 years of experience with demonstrated expertise across strategy, operations, and change management, my passion lies in driving the amplification of the power of data, new technologies and deep business understanding to create tangible impact for clients’ businesses. I have experience in several functional areas – strategy, solutions, transition and delivery.