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Inventive Banking


Define your role. Don’t assume it.

Now is the time to thrive in the highly disruptive environment of next generation digital banking. To launch dynamic business propositions by orchestrating new relationships and quickly maximizing technology. Inventive Banking enables us to make it happen, together.

Bring ideas to life quickly

The dynamic environment enabled by open banking and APIs is disrupting the value chain. Incumbents are certainly eager for change, but they often find it challenging to accelerate new propositions fast enough. As next generation digital banking gives customers more freedom, traditional banks often struggle to create new business models that respond to new market opportunities.

Whether you’re an established bank, challenger or new entrant, Inventive Banking enables us to collaborate, rapidly developing innovative propositions and launching successful new beta businesses.

Build thriving business propositions

Building on our unique banking platform, tapping into our expertise and inventing new ecosystems, we’ll help you create next generation, breakthrough products and services that allow your customers to bank clever and live better. For customers, Inventive Banking brings to life what’s next. It allows them to enjoy compelling, new banking propositions. And delivers profitable growth and competitive advantage to you.

Platform, ecosystems and realization

Inventive Banking comprises the three critical building blocks to help you revolutionize the services you offer.

Inventive Banking platform

Our platform has our proven Open Banking Platform at its core, leveraging best-in-class technologies from AWS, MuleSoft and Salesforce. It allows you to harness new technology to rapidly build and test your own unique, innovative propositions.

Inventive Banking ecosystem

We enable you to access our international network of startups, ScaleUps and world leaders in banking technology. As a result, you identify the right innovation partners, onboard them rapidly, and manage the complexity of commercial and technology partnerships.

Inventive Banking realization

We offer deep expertise in strategic innovation, service design, build and operations services for next generation digital banking. We can ideate and deliver inventive propositions, bringing to life the customer journeys, operating and business models, and technical architecture.

Inventive Banking enables your propositions to grow seamlessly and swiftly from ideation, through experimentation, to become thriving businesses. As your ecosystem grows, you can scale up and deliver market changing ideas. As your inventive business concepts flourish, you can disrupt categories, attract new customers and drive profitability.

The recent past was filled will extraordinary lessons for financial institutions. Now is the time to act on those learnings and move forward profitably.

Familiarize yourself with recent developments in blockchain applications for financial services, equip your organization with the building blocks for enterprises to manoeuvre a decentralized future.

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