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Low carbon navigator (LCN)

Expert analysis, competitor benchmarking, and industry-specific levers to map the right route to accelerate your low carbon future.

Despite growing awareness among industry leaders of the urgent need for climate action, many are still unsure how to turn ambition into effective and impactful steps to navigate net-zero journeys. There are multiple routes to net zero, each full of uncertainties, leaving leaders facing the challenge of identifying the right path for their business.

For example, how can you be sure decarbonization initiatives are the right ones to reach your targets? What are the key industry priorities and what are your competitors doing? And how can you move beyond setting a trajectory and start reducing emissions – right now?

So, where is the best place to start? The Capgemini Low Carbon Navigator is a unique tool developed specifically to help leaders answer these questions.

“We have built a long list of industry-specific levers, ensuring all core business and corporate functions have a role to play in the sustainable transformation of the company”.

Arthur Arrighi de Casanova, Head of Sustainable Futures, Capgemini Invent France

Guiding informed sustainable transformation

The Capgemini Low Carbon Navigator is a unique benchmarking tool. Covering 25 industries, this asset has brought together extensive decarbonization strategies from over 400 companies. It provides a carbon-oriented multi-dimensional peer comparison and a comprehensive assessment of the transition risks and opportunities. There are also 40–80+ industry-specific decarbonization levers per industry, relevant to each department of an organization.

Using this analysis, data-informed insight, and proven decarbonization levers, we work with you to develop ambitious but achievable decarbonization roadmaps, from the transformation of supply chains to the reinvention of products, services, and sustainable business models.

The Capgemini Low Carbon Navigator provides unique, tailored, actionable insights for your business and will accelerate sustainability transformation right across your entire organization.

“To unlock the massive and sustainable carbon reduction at the best cost, we qualify the decarbonization levers by carbon abatement potential at global industry level, and also by the abatement cost of each ton of carbon”.

Corinne Jouanny, Head of Portfolio and Industry Centers of Excellence, Capgemini

Moving beyond benchmarks

Benchmarks are not goals but stepping stones. With this powerful asset, we do more than support sustainable transformation. We help position organizations as cutting-edge decarbonization leaders in their industry, enabling them to leverage all decarbonization benefits and gain a competitive advantage.

At Capgemini, our purpose is clear. We aim, as we have always done, to support our clients and society in the required in-depth transformation – to build an inclusive and sustainable future for everyone. Our benchmark tool is designed to help you tackle and overcome the ongoing sustainable transformation challenges that face your business and industry.

We have produced several in-depth reports on a range of sustainability issues, from climate tech to new business models and viable energy solutions. Find out more here. And click here for our other sustainability services.

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