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7 Ways Public Sector Agencies Benefit from AI-Powered Contact Centers

Philip Bush
Mar 05, 2024

Shortening average handle times by 15 percent. Decreasing call volume routing by 24 percent. Reducing usage costs by 31 percent.

These are just a few examples of the real-world benefits public sector agencies are realizing after implementing Amazon Connect in their contact centers. This next-gen contact center service, powered by artificial intelligence, is easy to use, omnichannel, and scalable. That means government agencies can:

  • Pay only for what they use and ramp up and down according to their needs.
  • Talk and message with constituents from a single user interface.
  • Make informed decisions based on robust, real-time data.

By partnering with Capgemini, government agencies can use AI to redefine customer service in the public sector. The following use cases illustrate how Capgemini Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect, helps agencies become more efficient, reduce costs, and provide personalized interactions that meet the expectations of today’s constituents.

1. Faster response times

Public sector agencies often receive a high volume of repetitive inquiries about services, policies, and procedures that increase call volumes and handle times.

By integrating AI, agencies can deploy chatbots that use natural language processing to quickly provide accurate information to constituents. This reduces wait times and frees up human agents to handle more complex queries.

2. Multilingual support

Many government agencies serve diverse populations with varying language preferences. Capgemini enables organizations to offer multilingual support with Amazon Connect, through AI-powered chatbots that come with automated translation capabilities.

Multilingual support ensures that constituents can access information and assistance in their preferred language, improving inclusivity and accessibility. It also lessens the burden on agencies to find and onboard multilingual agents with the assurance that Amazon Connect can fill in any language gaps as needed.

3. Citizen engagement and outreach

Government agencies often need to disseminate important information to citizens, like updates on public health initiatives, emergency alerts, or policy changes. It is vital that this information be communicated in the correct language and communication method to ensure citizens receive and understand it as quickly as possible.

With Amazon Connect and AI, automated outbound communication campaigns can be personalized and delivered to a large audience simultaneously in their preferred language and communication method, ensuring timely and relevant updates.

4. Streamlined application processes

Public sector organizations frequently manage the application process for services like permits, licenses, and benefits. It’s common for these applications to be submitted with errors, with human agents left to figure out what went wrong. The process is cumbersome and frustrating for constituents who want their applications to be approved as soon as possible.

With AI, agencies can design headache-free application experiences. Applicants can receive step-by-step guidance and automated assistance when filling out forms. This reduces errors and enhances the overall application experience.

5. Real-time data access and reporting

Government agencies require access to real-time data for informed decision-making. Without an omnichannel solution that connects different intake systems, supervisors don’t have access to the full picture, which makes it harder to make the best decisions for their constituents.

Amazon Connect with AI can generate automated reports and data insights from customer interactions. This helps agencies understand citizen sentiment, identify trends, and optimize their services.

6. Policy clarification and compliance

Citizens often seek clarification on government policies and regulations. Without chatbots, citizens must call in to get their questions answered, increasing call volumes and hold times. Agencies can enable AI-powered chatbots on their website to help manage requests without having to rely on a phone call.

Chatbots can provide clear explanations and help citizens understand the implications of certain policies, ensuring accurate and consistent information dissemination, while reducing call volume.

7. Virtual public meetings

Conducting public meetings and consultations virtually has become increasingly important. However, existing video conferencing solutions are not set up to synthesize information from these meetings with the CRMs, ERPs, and other solutions government agencies rely on.

Amazon Connect can facilitate virtual town hall meetings, allowing citizens to engage with government officials and express their concerns. AI can assist in generating summaries of discussions and extracting key insights for decision-makers.

Realize the benefits of AI today

The above use cases showcase the diverse ways that AI can be harnessed to enhance customer service, increase efficiency, and provide a more personalized experience in the public sector.

Capgemini Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect is designed to be easy to set up and integrate with your existing CRMs, ERPs, and other custom solutions — so agencies can start messaging with constituents within minutes, not months. Our full-service approach and more than 10 years of experience as an AWS business and transformation partner enables our clients to achieve efficiencies as high as 20 percent immediately after implementing Amazon Connect.

If your organization is ready to adopt the world’s go-to cloud platform, let Capgemini be your trusted partner. Learn more about Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect and AI.

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Philip Bush

Philip Bush

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