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Capgemini’s Vision for A&D: Bringing Your Goals into Focus at the Paris Air Show

Lee Annecchino
24 May 2023

The 54th edition of the Paris Air Show is fast approaching, and Capgemini is excited to participate. It’s the first time the show will be live since 2019, and we look forward to seeing the incredible technological advances and innovative aircraft that will be on display. The Paris Air Show tagline is “where aerospace leaders get down to business,” and we are eager to engage in those discussions with our peers, colleagues, and clients from around the world.

With a live Paris Air Show, things are finally feeling normal again. However, we cannot ignore how the global pandemic has disrupted the Aerospace and Defense industry for the last three years. Therefore, our goal at this year’s show is to bring your vision into focus.
The industry is currently facing various challenges that are hindering its progress. These challenges include the lasting impacts of the pandemic, difficulties in production caused by ongoing supply chain and manufacturing issues, geopolitical and economic concerns, and the urgent need to implement a strong sustainability strategy. All these challenges add complexity and uncertainty to the future, but they also create opportunity.
Our goal is to help our clients explore all possibilities, and then develop a plan to help them to get there. We see the future as intelligent – utilizing the convergence of products, software, data, and services to bring the future into focus. Our chalet can assist you in prioritizing your business goals by utilizing innovative solutions that are intelligent, connected, digital, and sustainable.

Intelligent Industry

When we say an industry is intelligent, we are referring to the resources and services needed so organizations can access the data and technology to increase efficiency internally, ultimately impacting how they can go to market and connect with their clients. However, we always keep in mind that humans are at the center of Intelligent Industry – connecting the people and processes needed to make informed decisions each day.

At the Paris Air Show, we will be looking specifically at supply chain and manufacturing through the lens of intelligent industry. This is a critical time for the industry, so how can we leverage our knowledge and expertise to help you stay ahead during this critical time in product delivery?

Digital Continuity in A&D

We will see how digital continuity sets the stage for the transformation of the industry. Companies are looking to implement digital continuity principles to achieve a consistent process and a reliable source of data that can be shared across the organization. Unified data throughout the product, process, and resource lifecycle can trigger predictive and prescriptive services, giving organizations access to innovative and more flexible business models to conquer new markets. Digital continuity is not just a single process however, it is an enterprise-wide transformation. Therefore, leaders must consider factors like stakeholder engagement along with consistently measuring and communicating the generated value. Our digital continuity portfolio identifies the accelerators needed to not only accelerate but optimize your strategy.

Connected A&D

Connecting systems and programs for the transfer of data may seem intuitive, but it takes strategic thinking and collaboration across the business. The foundation of many of today’s pressing business needs are rooted in connectivity – from cybersecurity to compliance and sustainability. We embrace collaboration on these issues as well, working with our strategic partners to identify the most current technologies, such as Cloud and 5G, to deliver optimal solutions to our clients.

Being “connected” means you are joined, attached, and united. It takes collective thinking to develop and implement a connected A&D strategy. We’re the catalyst to make that happen.


From electric engines and eVTOL to Sustainable Aviation Fuel and the design of new and efficient aircraft, there are many ways to define and implement sustainability in your business. Many of the clients I speak with talk about the urgency of a Net-Zero strategy and the need to address decarbonization, but what is the best path to success in sustainability? We know you have many questions, and we can help you talk through optimal solutions so you can be a leader as the industry embraces sustainability.

Our chalet will have demos on display that bring these solutions to life so you can see first-hand your strategy in action.

  • C.Pulse – medical transport drone: A digital twin of a medical delivery drone, demonstrating evolution from specification to the first prototype using modern engineering techniques and tools.
  • Solar Airship, air transport achieves carbon neutrality: Insight into the collaboration of our Research & Innovation team and EuroAirship who have for 2 years taken up an unprecedented challenge: circumnavigating the world in a rigid airship without polluting energy.
  • Track & Trace: The tracking of objects (geolocation of goods, logistics, traceability of physical flows, automatic inventory) and people for security (geolocation, evacuation procedure, lone worker tracking, access control, and gas detection).
  • Energy Command Center:  Our center in India created to assist our clients in achieving a 30% reduction in energy usage by monitoring and managing the energy performance of diverse sources.

The Aerospace and Defense industry is not new to disruption but by seeing the opportunity in the face of challenges, you can create a vision and make that vision a reality. We exist in a time when we have access to the ingenuity, innovation, and technologies to transform operations, build resilience, and embrace new and creative ways of implementing strategy. Now is the time to rise to the occasion and see all that is possible in the future of Aerospace and Defense. There are no limits, just possibilities.

Consider this a personal invitation to visit us at the Paris Air Show in Chalet N.323. In the meantime, my colleagues will be posting their insights on today’s most pressing business issues in Aerospace and Defense in the coming weeks as we take off towards the Paris Air Show. I hope you can find a few minutes to read their insights and recognize new possibilities for your business strategy.

As a leader in digital engineering and business transformation, Capgemini brings together the capabilities to reimagine the way Aerospace and Defense leaders design, engineer, manufacture, and service complex products for a sustainable future. Capgemini is your partner on the journey for end-to-end transformation, bringing new perspectives to your vision of a digital-ready enterprise. Capgemini has the products and services you need to make your future connected, intelligent, and sustainable. Let’s bring your vision into focus so you can get the future you want. See you at Le Bourget in June!

Capgemini at Paris Air Show 2023

Bring your vision into focus


Lee Annecchino

Executive Vice President, Global Aerospace & Defense Leader
Lee has over 25 years of experience driving growth, innovation and revenue in a series of executive and leadership roles in the Aerospace industry. As Global Aerospace & Defense Leader at Capgemini, Lee is responsible for creating the global A&D industry strategy that drives a portfolio of capabilities and the ecosystem needed to address the evolving needs of the industry. Lee believes that data driven connected A&D ecosystems and resilient supply chains will drive efficiencies in the aerospace and defense industry.