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The future of ADM and your business: Fresh perspectives on the increasing maturity of ADM services

Ritesh Mehta
20 April 2022

Looking at innovation, talent, and cloud – and how your strategy for all three within the ADM space can dramatically affect the growth of your future business

ADM services are maturing rapidly, but their ability to lead and drive change – and ultimately grow the future potential and development of your business – is only growing. In this blog series, we’ll delve into the key elements affecting ADM today – innovation, talent, and Cloud technology – and tangible tools and strategies you can utilize to lead the market.

Creating creativity: A collaborative idea incubation center for positive impacts across your operations, IT, and customer experience

Innovation is one of the most frequently used words in IT – especially now when IT is seen by many as not just an enabler – but rather the core of the business itself. Innovation and operational efficiency sit on opposite sides of the business equation. Innovation requires a healthy mix of space, playfulness, and curiosity, while efficiency thrives more on dexterity and sheer efficiency.

Evaluate, build, kill

Unlike operational efficiency, experimentation and the typical trial and error that follows are essential for a successful innovation learning process and your desired outcomes – unique and productive ideas that can be rapidly applied to grow your business. A “kill-build” factory model is ideal here. This entails the careful evaluation of ideas through an objective selection process – where the rejection of ideas is celebrated as part of an organizational evolution process in shifting to an innovative growth mindset.

Capgemini’s Innovation Offering: Creating ideas you can touch – and change you can feel

Capgemini’s Innovation Offering is a collaborative idea incubation center where fresh ideas are sparked together – with and for our clients. Throughout the creation process, ideas are sourced, recorded, deliberated on, and augmented using a fresh outside-in perspective. Ideas that make the cut are rapidly transformed from the imaginary into innovations that you can touch and changes your business can implement.

Capgemini’s Cloud Modernization with ADMnext supports the implementation of these ideas by rapidly setting up servers, allocating the right resources, and proliferating a viable product throughout your organization. While our unique Customer experience (CX) combines multiple business and user touchpoints to translate business benefits into experience benefits – because in the end – selected ideas need to be user tested to assess their impacts on operations, IT efficiencies, customer experience, and overall business outcomes.

Innovation in action: Ideation for heightened customer experience and better business outcomes

While this all sounds very promising – what does the actual ideation process look like with Capgemini’s Innovation Offering – and how can it create positive impacts across your operations, IT, customer experience, and overall business?

Well, one prime example is a French multinational utility client of Capgemini’s that wanted a platform to test ideas for improved, data-driven decision making. This required massive resources for storage and computing functions. In applying Capgemini’s Innovation Offering, it was agreed that Hyperscalers could be utilized to rapidly set up the platform to massage, transport, and analyze a vast amount of data to promote and select the best ideas to build out into full projects

In today’s markets, innovation and big ideas are almost always inextricably linked to technology as the core enabler. However, some ideas can be too big to swallow all at once and need to be sliced into smaller pieces. For example, a Dutch dairy producer’s existing Global Trade Service (GTS) system required frequent manual interventions for its over 7,000 declarations. So, we came up with a system that was based on a two-step Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This entailed the automation of pro-forma statements and followed with exception handling. Each step, in turn, had several smaller incremental developments to meet the expected target. This reduced manual interventions by over 50% – avoiding product spoilage and making operations paperless.

True transformation ideas cut across businesses by providing integrated solutions that span the entire globe. For example, a major furniture manufacturer in Sweden was mulling over a spatial planning optimization solution for loading cargo and simplifying the existing cumbersome process. We first proposed the creation of a visual representation of the problem, which brought snap-to-fit and drag-and-drop functionalities. This idea was developed via Cloud native with microservices to enable comprehensive partner integration. And as they say, the proof is in the pudding – this idea generated an increase of over 10% in cargo.

Monoliths present their own set of challenges and require ideas that first enable key stakeholders to find faith in the potential change and then gradually build on it. For example, a large railway company in France was seeking to modernize disconnected legacy systems and streamline task flows into a simplified, proven process. As a first step, we developed an MVP to demonstrate the potential for an “all-in-one” solution. This is what I refer to as the first “believing step.” Once this was achieved, we quickly moved on to implementing more MVPs that integrated the flow of tasks, which ultimately resulted in a mobile interface that displayed the task lifecycle from end-to-end. Additionally, along the way, MVPs were moved to full-fledged projects that resulted in reduced revenue loss and effort for the client.

In our next post of this series, my colleague Amit Paul will lay out how you can nurture the only element that’s more important than ideas – your talent – the people that create the actual innovation and drive your business forward.

In the meantime, to learn more about Capgemini’s Innovation Offering and ADMnext, and how we can work together to create impactful ideas like those above for your business, drop me a line here.