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Why companies need to care about a better CX


The new reality is that technology, market trends, and customer expectations are extremely fluid today – making it increasingly difficult to convince customers to buy your products or services. This is true across the end-to-end customer journey, as even B2B companies are not immune to the “Amazon effect” where speed and ease of use are now the expectation rather than the exception.

That means organizations across the buying landscape need to put a bigger focus on customer experience (CX). Giving customers the experience they expect across the purchasing journey increases sales, optimizes margins, and improves loyalty.

Several experts from Capgemini’s SAP CX practice recently sat down with SAPinsider to talk about CX challenges today, how the SAP Customer Experience portfolio delivers unified digital CX, and why organizations should look to partner with Capgemini to help them create and execute their CX strategy quickly and efficiently.

The Capgemini experts highlighted four key components of a robust SAP CX engagement:

  1. Build a CX culture
  2. Truly understand the customer
  3. Deliver highly- personalized one-to-one content
  4. Give power and control back to the customer

Read on to learn how you can plan, build, and execute an SAP CX strategy for your organization.


Lee Goldberg
NA SAP Customer Experience GTM Lead

Lee is the SAP CX Go-To-Market Leader for North America at Capgemini and has over 10 years of experience in the SAP ecosystem. In addition, he is responsible for our SAP CX partnership and heavily involved in our global position.