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Client Stories

Driving better marketing and sales with improved data insights

Capgemini used Microsoft Azure to help a technology company repair its data sets and increase revenue

Inconsistent data is a major issue for global organizations, as they depend on the quality of information to make informed decisions in competitive markets. It is hard to analyze, validate, and process data sets when they contain inaccuracies and duplicated entries, creating extra effort for employees and increasing the likelihood of error.

Capgemini helped a company repair its data pipeline to build a reliable reporting and analytics environment for its global marketing operations. Our solution integrated data from the enterprise data lake with other telemetry sources, unifying the data framework. This new architecture was built on a data estate on a Microsoft Azure foundation and with Synapse technology to accelerate analytics and reporting.

Capgemini has been a partner of Microsoft for over two decades and applied its early software access and tools expertise to make the solution a success. The technology company now has a dependable one-stop shop for data insights and enjoys multiple benefits, helping it drive sales and increase revenue.

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