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Client Stories

Eneco moves applications to Oracle for faster performance

Client: Eneco Groupcompany
Region: Netherlands
Industry: Energies and Utilities

By completing a migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in just four months, the energy provider minimized business impact and cut project costs by 50%

Client: Eneco Group

Industry: Energies and Utilities

Region: Netherlands

Client Challenge: Eneco wanted to reduce the amount of time required to manage its IT infrastructure while maintaining its custom-developed billing application and associated data warehouse while investing more in important projects

Solution: Partnering with Capgemini, Eneco implemented Oracle’s Exadata Cloud Service and Cloud Infrastructure


  • Reduction in time needed to manage IT infrastructure
  • Expanded flexibility
  • Reduced risk and business impact related to migration
  • 50% cost reduction in project costs

Tackling a cloud-first strategy

The leader in the sustainable energy market since 2007, Eneco Group provides 2 million customers in the Netherlands with innovative energy products and services to make it easy for consumers to join in the transition to sustainable energy.

Eneco wanted to invest more in important projects, but spent too much time managing IT infrastructure. The company also faced IT lifecycle management challenges. Instead of just adopting a cloud-first strategy, like so many companies, Eneco not only embraced that strategy, but immediately began working with Capgemini, a trusted partner, to make it happen.

Three of Eneco’s Oracle Exadata systems in Capgemini data centers were due for replacement. The company identified 19 mission-critical applications that make use of Oracle Database on Exadata hardware. The energy company wanted to maintain its custom-developed billing application and associated data warehouse. Capgemini and Eneco determined that Oracle’s Exadata Cloud Service would offer the best destination for these workloads due to its reliable Exadata technology and reduced risk and business impact during migration.

Cloud migration provides efficiency and simplification

The company selected the Frankfurt Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region to maximize flexibility and disaster recovery options across the three availability domains there. The initial project was completed over a nine-month period. Moving from one Exadata platform to another made the migration easy, and the close partnership between Eneco, Capgemini, and Oracle ensured that any issues encountered were quickly overcome. The partners were also able to migrate nine of Eneco’s critical applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

This enabled Eneco to use Exadata Cloud Service and reduce software licensing maintenance and support costs. The success of the project resulted in expanded scope. Halfway through the migration, the company decided to shut down a data center that contained a small but important database environment. It was deployed on two additional Exadata Cloud Service instances plus Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute instances for the SAP application servers. The migration took just four months from idea to completion.