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Client Story

frog and Nestle Purina: Transforming pet care with AI

Client: Nestle Purina
Region: North America
Sector: Consumer products

Deepening Nestle Purina’s pet care expertise with technology

Nestle Purina is an industry-leading pet care brand with 120 years of experience.

Purina wanted to deepen its pet care expertise and offer consumers an easier way to give pets the best life possible. This desire led to the creation of the Petivity Smart Litter Box Monitoring System: a state-of-the-art device that tracks the bathroom behavior of cats.

To do this, Purina needed to transform its business, and its technology. To start, Purina acquired intellectual property (IP) related to cat health monitoring to help with the innovation.

Purina selected frog (part of Capgemini Invent) as a strategic partner to help guide this transformation and create a new connected product that lived up to brand, performance, and price expectations.

frog applied a convergent design approach to develop a connected, AI-powered ecosystem. frog also worked with Purina to create a new business, pricing, and operating model that now delivers immense value to the company and its customers.

“The team have been an invaluable business and technology transformation partner. They are the key that allowed us to successfully complete our journey to commercialization.”

Kristin Slater, Senior Manager, loT Products, Petivity, Nestlé Purina