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Transform your organization

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, data and AI have become paramount in the effort to anticipate and address customer needs, and business challenges.

Staying relevant requires a deep, holistic understanding of the customer, and an openness to new ways of doing business. We help organizations create a comprehensive strategy that connects digital, data, and AI across three key areas to drive engagement, overcome challenges, and optimize operations:

Customer First: Transforming how to acquire, engage, and retain customers through data-powered insights.

Intelligent Industry: Leveraging data and insights to deliver new sources of value.

Enterprise Management: Using data to unite systems, processes and people to enable multi-level transformation.

In the digital economy, data reigns supreme. Our market-leading Insights & Data practice helps organizations create a connected and holistic data strategy that addresses what customers need, what the industry requires, and how the business delivers.

What we do

Customers are people. To deliver in a customer first world, organizations need to become more human in the way they acquire, engage, and retain the people they serve.

The customer relationship is no longer transactional. Rather, customers are loyal to the companies that understand their needs, solve their problems, and share their values.

We help clients transform operations and infuse client-centricity across all business functions through world-class data and AI capabilities. Together, we work with clients to craft a comprehensive transformation strategy that enables the business to develop new products and services, personalize the customer experience, and drive engagement across core value areas like purpose, sustainability, and social impact – for a stronger, personalized, more human connection in a customer first world.

The future of industry is intelligent. Organizations across sectors must infuse data and insights into every aspect of the business to meet the needs of the customer and seize opportunities within the market.

Data and AI have become inextricably linked with success. These capabilities, along with associated technologies like IoT, cloud, 5G, and robotics, are the cornerstone of every transformation agenda and the key to enabling intelligent products, operations, and support at scale.

We help organizations leverage data and insights to fuel transformation across sectors and deliver new sources of value for the business. We work with clients to build the digital maturity required to shift to a service- and outcome-based delivery model, and fulfill the promise of Intelligent Industry.

Rapidly evolving customer preferences and market challenges require businesses to adapt and respond more quickly and more frequently than ever before.

In this digital landscape, data is more than a guide – it is the driver of change, enabling businesses to unite systems and processes to empower people and enable multi-level transformation.

We help organizations leverage scaled process mining and data-driven process management to accelerate their transformation with minimal cost, risk, disruption, and delay through deep expertise with legacy and cloud managed services; strong alliances with major enterprise management vendors; standardized, proven methodology; advanced automation capabilities; and solution accelerators.

Tune in to the podcast

Tune in to our podcast for a glimpse into where AI is today – and how far it might take us tomorrow.

Meet our experts

Neerav Vyas

Head of Customer First, Co-Chief Innovation Officer, Insights & Data, Global
Neerav is an outstanding leader, helping organizations accelerate innovation, drive growth, and facilitate large-scale transformation. He is a two-time winner of the Ogilvy Award for Research in Advertising and an AIconics 2019 and 2020 finalist for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence for Sales and Marketing.

Sergey Patsko

Data & AI for Intelligent Industry leader ​

Marek Sowa

Data & AI for Enterprise Management leader
Marek Sowa is head of Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Offering & Innovation focused on adopting AI technologies into business services. He leverages the potential hidden in deep and machine learning to increase the speed, accuracy, and automation of processes. This helps clients to transform their business operations leveraging the combined power of AI and RPA to create working solutions that deliver real business value.