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How to engage Generation Z

Retailers have been locked in on the Millennial generation seemingly for decades. While the cohort’s predilection for digital channels, engaging content, and experience-based marketing has profoundly changed the industry, it is time for retailers to begin focusing on the next generation of shoppers.

In 2019, the first subset of Generation Z demonstrated its spending power: meet the VSCO girl. Pronounced VIS-co, this is an allusion to VSCO, a photo editing and sharing app known for its sun-drenched, beachy filters. The concept surfaced on social media and has been embraced by these young women.

While the VSCO girl is laid back in her appearance, her generation means business when it comes to sustainability and brand loyalty. Between cramming for finals and relaxing with friends, these women want to save the world and will only embrace brands that share their vision.

Even though the VSCO girl is just the tip of Gen Z’s iceberg, their social-media habits, shopping choices, and connection to influencers provides a clear blueprint for how proactive brands can connect with the next generation.

In her article with WWD, Capgemini Senior Digital Consultant for Content and Influencer Marketing, Allison Roy, touches on this illustrative group and what retailers need to do to build loyalty with the next generation of customers. Here’s a quick peek:

  1. Content comes first (and marketing, second)
  2. Influencers are an extension of your content strategy
  3. Stand for something
  4. Never underestimate the power of a good deal
  5. Invest in the in-store experience.

Be sure to read the full article on WWD, and let us know your thoughts!