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Intelligent Supply Networks

The sequential supply chain is dead. Welcome to Intelligent Supply Networks.

Intelligent Supply Networks give our clients the agility to move quickly and intelligently in a space beyond supply chain. There, we can work together to invent new supply-value ecosystems to deliver next-generation services to increasingly savvy consumers.

This is possible because Intelligent Supply Networks operate on the fact that, in today’s digital world, the supply chain is no longer a supply chain at all. It’s a supply-value ecosystem. While a chain is about rigidity and linearity, the supply-value network is all about flexibility, speed, agility, and adaptability.

In this fast-evolving digital world, consumer behavior is changing rapidly. Consumers expect to personalize products and services, while making every kind of purchase across a variety of innovative channels, quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, technology allows brands to engage and empathize with individual consumers intelligently. Using data and insights from these interactions, brands are transforming sourcing, production, customization, and delivery solutions to meet and exceed consumer expectations.

The consumer journey is an increasingly personalized path through an interconnected web, where consumers are at the center and every other aspect of the ecosystem is directly connected to them.

Intelligent Supply Networks support consumer-products companies in reinventing their supply chains as modern supply-value ecosystems, characterized by speed and intelligence, to meet the demands of today’s connected consumers.

Intelligent Supply Networks offers consumer products companies a range of capabilities to enable their supply-value network:

  • Integrated business planning enables our clients to achieve a complete overhaul of their business strategy and operating model, moving from a linear chain to a digitally connected ecosystem that puts consumers firmly at the center. Today, digital operating models and collaboration with a supply-chain partner are key ingredients to efficiently run supply ecosystems at higher visibility and quality levels.
  • Connected autonomous planning fine tunes the operation of manufacturing, transport, procurement, and virtually every other aspect of the supply-value network in a touchless, autonomous way.
  • Manufacturing 4.0 enables near real-time visibility into production lines and every element related to them, as enabled through the cloud. It helps build digital factories capable of monitoring and self-driving performance and maintenance activities.
  • Cognitive supply towers enable a 360-degree view of the supply-value network, providing real-time visibility of the end-to-end supply network.
  • Integrated operations Frees consumer product companies to focus on GROW. Excelling in the functions which drive customer satisfaction and consumer engagement. Eliminating waste. Integrating internal and external processes, systems, and data.

Intelligent Supply Networks open an entire spectrum of innovative new products and services, changing the focus of supply-chain design from reducing costs and optimizing service to enabling new business models.