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Risk & Regulatory Compliance


By realizing the full potential of data, banks and insurers can increase their competitiveness, while reducing risks and cutting costs by 5-15% in their Finance, Risk and Compliance (FRC) functions.

In a world of increased transparency and a need for data protection, FRC functions must move fast to stay compliant and competitive at minimum cost and risk. At the same time, they are core to enabling the wider organization to compete through digital innovation.

The solution for solving these conflicting pressures lies in building or extending data foundries to create a new management framework — one that helps the entire organization to become increasingly service-centric and brings extra efficiency to its processes, while conforming to FRC regulations.

We will work with you to build an end-to-end data-centric operating model for FRC. How? By combining our finance and data science expertise with digital capabilities, enabling you to prototype and successfully implement solutions. We review and redesign your credit risk processes, improve compliance, and reduce costs by leveraging AI, advanced analytics and data management best practices. We also help your FRC department to respond to the growing volume of regulations around environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) to position it as core in the transition to a sustainable economy.

Your FRC department will be on the way to helping the business compete through digital innovation, while leveraging the power of data to become more efficient and effective in servicing the organization.

Transform Finance, Risk, and Compliance

Off-the-shelf solutions won’t do here. That’s because every bank or insurer’s FRC department, and indeed every function within FRC, needs its own tailored solutions.

With Risk & Regulatory Compliance powered by Data from Capgemini Invent, you will streamline implementation of the solutions you need to transform your FRC function. With proven approaches for specific FRC areas, including credit risk, operational risk, compliance, finance, the data platform, and sustainability, we get your transformation underway fast. That’s because we complete a lot of the work before the engagement starts and have developed a range of use cases and working prototypes for each area.

Our prototypes act as catalysts for your creativity, enabling you to quickly see what’s possible, and what has worked elsewhere.

Our approach

Data Foundation

While artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics are changing the data game, you first need a strong data foundation to truly become data driven. This means the right infrastructure, governance, operations, and culture, enabling you to generate relevant, trusted and quality insights. Using proven frameworks and methodologies, as well as AI and analytics, we help our clients transform their entire data journey. We define data strategy, implement governance best practices, and execute data management programs, from standalone projects to enterprise-wide operations.

Compliance powered by data

When it comes to compliance, there is no room for ‘if’ only for ‘how’. The compliance function must control the governance of new opportunities and risks associated with digitized value creation in the company, while undergoing digital change itself. Capgemini Invent uses modern technologies, such as RPA and AI, to help FRC functions increase their risk coverage in this landscape and significantly reduce long-term costs.

Finance powered by data

Nowadays, the finance function must act as a strategic business partner and is essential for driving sustainable development and innovation. It also plays a pivotal role in the management decision-making process. That’s not all. The business environment has become more dynamic, so successful enterprises must answer increasingly complex questions. To keep up with these new challenges, we deliver the cutting-edge solutions needed to enable the finance function to provide reliable financial data, fulfill regulatory obligations, and run processes efficiently to transform and future-proof the financial architecture of the organization.

Operational Risk powered by data

New technological developments and increased threat of cybercrime and the need for advanced data security are changing the risk landscape. Capgemini Invent’s proven data science use cases leverage the full potential of non-financial risk data to help you tackle operational risk. We use advanced analytics ad AI to gain operational efficiency, reduce risk costs, and evolve the operational risk department from being reactive to a function that proactively adds value to the business (Risk-as-a-Service).

Sustainability powered by data

With increasing pressure from regulators, investors and end-customers, organizations must place sustainability at the heart of their operations. This means viewing non-financial performance as legitimate as financial performance. We adopt a comprehensive and data-centered approach to empower organizations in leveraging data technologies to measure, report and monitor environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, efforts, and risks.


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