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Touchless Endorsements for P&C Insurance

Implement a smart, frictionless experience across your entire Property and Casualty endorsements value chain

Touchless Endorsements for P&C Insurance

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For commercial insurers in the Property and Casualty (P&C) space, the endorsement process is viewed as tedious, time-consuming, and manually repetitive. Endorsement requests often come as emails and PDF, or even hand-written, attachments that typically contain inconsistent, poor quality, or missing data. This requires significant human effort to decipher and process, resulting in higher handling time, processing errors, and ultimately a reduced customer and employee experience.

Capgemini’s Touchless Endorsements for P&C Insurance offer transforms your insurance company into an agile, data-driven, customer-centric function that delivers improved customer experience, operational efficiency, and speed-to-market across your entire endorsements value chain.

Our solution leverages intelligent automation and artificial intelligence (AI) – including Endorsement GenieTM an AI-based cognitive processing tool – to help your insurance company to deliver on a range of tangible business outcomes, including:

  • 50–60% increase in processing efficiency
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased accuracy, turnaround time, and scalability.

As a market leader in core platform transformations, our proven end-to-end capabilities, best-of-breed technologies and assets, and extensive experience in integrating ecosystem partners enables you to optimize your entire policy endorsements value chain, helping you implement – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.

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