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voices of technovision

Voices of TechnoVision offers insights from leading experts working with cutting-edge technologies. 

Innovation creates opportunity, and with the right technologies harnessed in the right way, it moves us somewhere better. Our TechnoVision publication brings fresh thinking around the hottest technology topics (AI, quantum computing, blockchain, and more), highlighting use cases and best practices to illustrate their business value.

Below you’ll find a selection of perspectives from the experts that contribute to this fresh thinking. Embrace, with them, the best of what we see in a tech-driven future –– and don’t forget to join the conversation at #TechnoVision.

Not just a race to the stars; it’s a quest for practical, more sustainable solutions that will shape the future of humanity both on and off our planet.

Latest perspectives

Data and AI

AI agents and agentic workflows

Dheeren Vélu
Apr 15, 2024
Data and AI

Breaking free from confirmation bias in AI

Robert Engels
Mar 19, 2024
Data and AI

Introducing general world models (GWMs)

Dheeren Vélu
Feb 20, 2024
Data and AI

The autonomous AI revolution is here to transform our world

Andreas Sjöström
Feb 9, 2024

Towards a unified virtual universe for mass engagement

Alexandre Embry
Feb 9, 2024
Data and AI

AI meets ethics: Making tech work for everyone

Robert Engels
Feb 8, 2024
Data and AI

Embracing new trends at CES 2024

Alex Bulat
Jan 13, 2024

Custom GPTs: A game changer for business management

Robert Engels
Jan 13, 2024

Celebrating the culmination of CES 2024

Pascal Brier
Jan 13, 2024

Meet the voices of TechnoVision

Dr. Cara Antoine

Executive VP, Chief Technology, Innovation, and Portfolio Officer, Northern Europe

Pascal Brier

Group Chief Innovation Officer

Alex Bulat

Group Technology Director

Patrice Duboé

EVP – CTO Global Aerospace & Defense, CTIO South & Central Europe


Alexandre Embry

VP – CTIO – Head of Capgemini’s Metaverse-Lab and Immersive Technologies

Robert Engels

Global CTIO and Head of Lab for AI Futures and Insights & Data

Sudhir Pai

CTIO, Financial Services

Ron Tolido

Executive Vice President, CTO, Master Architect – Insights and Data

Julian van Velzen

Quantum CTIO, Head of Capgemini’s Quantum Lab

Kary Bheemaiah

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO), Capgemini Invent

Jérôme Desbonnet

Cybersecurity CTIO Capgemini & Cyber Advisor

Gunnar Menzel

Chief Technology Officer North & Central Europe

Clemens Reijnen

Chief Technology and Capability Leader for Microsoft

Bob Schwartz

Global Director, Applied Innovation Exchange

Lucia Sinapi

Executive VP – Capgemini Ventures Managing Director

Andreas Sjöström

CTO & VP at Applied Innovation Exchange

Nisheeth Srivastava

Executive Vice President & Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Capgemini India

Dheeren Vélu

Web3 & NFT stream Lead of Capgemini Metaverse Lab

Dany Tello

Corporate Ventures Director, Capgemini Ventures

Sanjay Nand

Head of Applied Innovation Exchange – Capgemini UK

TechnoVision 2024 | Prompt the future

What is the future of technology? And how will technology affect the future of our society and our businesses?