Driving rapid innovation and next-generation digital capabilities across the insurance value chain.

Insurers must be agile, flexible, and equipped to build data-driven capabilities that deliver hyper-personalized experiences. Capgemini and Majesco bring technology innovation and operational transformation to help them make the fundamental changes required to meet their customer expectations, and remain competitive in the shifting life and annuity (L&A), group benefits, and property and casualty (P&C) markets.

Together, we bring deep industry and digital expertise to help insurers develop a comprehensive digital strategy and transformation plan that will accelerate innovation and fuel sustainable growth. Enabled by Capgemini, Majesco’s next-gen technology offers the advantages of a cloud-based, modern, open-API architecture that supports rapid integration to drive speed, agility, innovation, and scale.

Capgemini and Majesco partnership

We are building a robust partnership to help insurers accelerate their digital transformation strategy.

What we do

We provide systems integration and implementation for Majesco L&A and Group Core Suite, Majesco P&C Core Suite, and other on-premise solutions. We can do this on a private or public cloud while bringing in workflow efficiencies.

BPO and managed IT services enable insurers to migrate existing platforms to Majesco L&A and Group Core Suite in Capgemini’s environment. This improves the efficiency of non-core processes, and lets insurers focus on core business competencies.

We offer comprehensive third-party administrative services to help insurers reduce their overall administrative costs, improve member and agent experiences, and decrease time to market for new products.

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