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March 26-28, 2024 | Las Vegas
The Venetian Convention & Expo Center

Hyper-personalization, meet scale.

Capgemini is a proud Gold Sponsor of Adobe Summit 2024, the premier digital experience conference where you can connect with 10,000 attendees in-person and an expansive online audience world-wide.

Adobe Summit offers attendees invaluable insights and skills for creating personalized experiences that drive customer engagement, brand loyalty, and growth. We’ll be igniting the excitement and driving innovation through the summit as a proud Gold Sponsor.

Join the Capgemini experience at Adobe Summit 2024

We have an exciting week planned, committed to demonstrating the full power of the Capgemini-Adobe partnership. We’ll be showcasing the latest trends, strategies, and technologies including our Customer-First, Connected Marketing, and Generative AI experience solutions. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to deliver hyper-personalized experiences that resonate with seamlessly evolving customer needs.

Session: Stories that inspire

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM PDT

Dheepak Ramnathan, Capgemini will join the stage with with Vanguard’s Therron Hofsetz and Jake Bennett to unveil their multi-year customer experience transformation journey. Powered by Adobe tech, this industry-leading collaboration reimagined and reinvented Vanguard’s digital customer journey.

Exclusive Financial Services Executive Breakout Sessions:

Tuesday, Mar 26 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT
Chandramouli Venkatesan – VP, GTM Lead – Banking & Capital Markets

Wednesday, Mar 27 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT

Dheepak Ramnathan – Sr Director, Adobe CoE Lead, Americas
Aravinth Dhinakaran – Sr. Manager, GTM Lead, Americas

Wednesday, Mar 27 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PDT

Aravinth Dhinakaran – Sr. Manager, GTM Lead, Americas

Capgemini is hosting the Adobe Women in Tech panel discussion and afternoon tea:

Invite and register your clients to participate in the Women in Tech session hosted by Adobe and Capgemini, scheduled for Tuesday, March 26th, at 3:00 pm in our Prestige Club Lounge. This is the perfect occasion for women leaders and emerging leaders in the field of technology to come together, share experiences, and build a supportive community.

Explore our demos at Adobe Summit

Connected Marketing Engine

Connected Marketing Engine (CME) enables retailers to create a 360-degree view of their customers, by using digital experience, data touchpoints and personalized interactions. CME empowers consumers to engage with their brands of choice, via highly personalized experiences, that build lasting relationships and brand loyalty.

Customer Journey Management

Customer Journeys today are dynamic and non-linear. Enterprises need to be agile and respond to the needs of the customer based on the stage of the journey they are in in a relevant, personalized and time bound manner. Customer Journey Management helps in Orchestrating the journeys and helping customers achieve their goals.

Data Driven Customer Experience

Connecting CX with unified, trusted, and actionable customer data​ powered by Adobe Experience Platform Accelerate personalized and immersive customer experience through emotional connect using actionable data across marketing, sales, service, and commerce domains.

Gen AI Experience Design

Gen AI unlocks new frontiers for CMOs as it could represent the largest creativity and productivity boost ever seen in Experience Design. One of the main obstacles to achieve​ Personalization at scale was Content creation and adaptation to customers’ needs. While reducing production costs to a fraction with user-friendly tools, Gen AI adoption comes with new challenges regarding Brand protection, Content Management and Marketing teams operating models. Our latest use cases demonstrate how we assist CMOs in embracing this revolution.

Meet our experts

Marie-Cécile Puissochet

Adobe Global alliance team & Content Marketing offer lead – frog, part of Capgemini Invent
Marie-Cécile Puissochet is a Content Marketing expert within frog, part of Capgemini, with more than 10 years of experience helping Top 100 organizations in creating data-driven strategies to offer impactful experiences to their audiences, and designing supporting process, tools and operating model to deliver at scale. She currently focuses with our clients on how Gen AI is an opportunity to accelerate content lifecycle and manage creative costs, but also a challenge for marketing teams that must transform their ways of working to embrace its full power.

Dheepak Ramnathan

Senior Director & Adobe CoE Lead
A seasoned digital leader with close to two decades of experience in Martech and Digital Experience Engineering areas. Dheepak heads the Adobe CoE for Capgemini Financial Services, specializing in GTM strategy design for data-driven digital customer experience and creating robust marketing propositions for Financial Services clientele.

Sony Sebastian

Sr.Director, Head – Content & Marketing | Digital Customer Experience
25 years of experience across IT, Telecom, Mobile, Content Management and Customer Experience. Currently playing the role of Content and Marketing Head for Capgemini, DCX India. Offer Lead for Customer Journey Management and Data Driven Customer Experience.

Pranav Kumar

Senior Director – Digital, Data & AIData Driven Customer Experience – Global Offer Leader
Pranav is focused on helping Customers drive “Compelling Data Driven Customer Experiences” crafting the right blend of Products, People & Data. Advising fortune 500 client on Customer First Initiatives spanning Marketing Sales Commerce & Service functions across multiple countries. As a seasoned leader in the realm of Digital, Data & AI, Pranav takes immense pride in managing portfolios that lead the way to unparalleled customer experiences. His passion lies in harnessing the power of Digital, Data & AI to elevate Cx to new heights. Leading a high-performing team in driving data-driven Cx initiatives, implementing generative AI solutions, and crafting cutting-edge conversational AI experiences. Committed to delivering customer-centric strategies and ensuring seamless, personalized interactions. Empowering teams to deliver Data-Driven CX solutions, fuelling growth & loyalty.