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Meet us at ISG TechXchange: Healthcare and Life Sciences

October 13th, 2022

Life-sciences organizations are facing mounting pressure to accelerate timelines, reduce costs, and improve the probability of success across the entire lifecycle. As an end-to-end transformation partner, Capgemini helps clients leverage data, AI, automation, and digital technology to industrialize drug discovery.

Capgemini helps inspire companies in the life-sciences industry to lead through limitless innovation, predictable execution, and de-risked processes – thereby supporting sustainable growth and accelerated time to care. Today’s life-sciences enterprises understand the all-important connections between patient care, technology, data-driven insights, innovation, and a people-centric end-to-end value chain. Making the most of these connections is both a challenge and opportunity.

Panel Discussion: How can Data Drive a Better, Personalized Future?

Date: 13 Oct. Time: 2:55 pm – 3:25 pm
The healthcare and life sciences industries are at a pivotal moment. The digital revolution provides new ways to both collect high-quality data from individuals and connect it to data from large pools of other patients for analysis with artificial intelligence, distinguishing characteristics, and translating that into personalized and improved care and medicine. Interoperability data standards, virtualization, genomics, imaging, AI, IoMT, wearable devices and a tsunami of new information sources are transforming the future of care. An unprecedented convergence of medical knowledge, regulatory mandates, technology and data science is revolutionizing patient care and medicine. The patient journey has been reshaped, changing how patients interact with health professionals, how data is recorded and shared, and how decisions are made about treatment plans. Collecting data is just the first step to personalization. Our panel of industry experts will discuss how they are accomplishing their digital transformation as they march toward this personalization.

Capgemini Panelist: Michelle Pesanello, Vice President

Venue: Convene-Commerce Square 2001 Market, Philadelphia, PA

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