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To drive sustainable growth, business leaders need a clear strategic vision and the processes in place to bring it to life. Our corporate experience building blocks help to define and make enterprise transformation happen.

It’s never been more relevant to simplify and rationalize core processes. It is how you become a Renewable Enterprise, able to constantly grow, adapt, and unlock value to outperform the competition.

Setting the right strategy and operating model ensures you have the processes and capabilities to continuously reshape your business, explore new business models, and unleash new revenue streams.

Our in-depth functional and cross-sector expertise helps you define business strategy, implement business models, and optimize processes to get your business future ready. We turn data into insight. We reset procurement and finance functions. And we support M&A strategies and post-merger integration or carveout to change the scale, scope, and purpose of your business.

Digital Core Transformation

Realize the full benefits of SAP S/4HANA to activate real business change.
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Enterprise model & strategy

In a rapidly changing world, how do you successfully manage complexity and achieve the promised value of your strategic operating and growth initiatives?

Business change is constant. Globalization, competitive pressure, dissolving market boundaries, sustainability goals, innovation, and digitalization are driving forces for organizations to change their businesses, merge, divest non-core assets, or invest in promising ones.

We help you to design the right strategy for sustainable transformation and create a competitive advantage. We define target operating models and build the business case and transformation roadmap, working with you to unify and mobilize stakeholders for change.

Leveraging informed data insights, we help reduce risks and manage challenges, from new operating model design and investment strategy, to post-merger integration or divestment. We identify a plan for long-term growth and translate the strategy and steps into value-driven outcomes.

Procurement transformation

As a key contributor to the strategic and tactical success of an organization, procurement delivers the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and resources needed to operate effectively.

Procurement reaches across your end-to-end business ecosystem, from employees making purchasing decisions, to your customers and suppliers. It must interact with operations, business, IT, and finance, which can be difficult if systems and processes aren’t integrated.

We work with clients to increase procurement efficiency and purchasing compliance across their entire organization. Using advanced data and new digital levers, we provide enhanced transparency for informed decisions on supplier consolidation, strategic sourcing, back-office cost-saving opportunities, and process optimization.

From concept to transformation (procurement strategy), from platform strategy to conceptual design (identify technology solutions), we help you implement controls and compliance governance, change management, organization culture, and sustainable sourcing strategies.

Finance transformation

In becoming more efficient, more data-led, and more digital, today’s corporate finance function can be a true partner to the wider business, providing insight and real-time analytics.

CFOs adopting digital operating models often struggle with identifying the right tools to free up their teams for more value-added activities. In transforming with digital, they seek to drive down costs, improve service efficiency, and tap into digital data for deep business insight.

We help finance leaders transform processes and evolve their people. We steer them towards new enterprise performance management tools, adopting Lean approaches to standardizing processes and redefining operating models with our Global Business Services. Tailored dashboards put real-time information in one place to support strategic decisions. And, we help to identify and select new (cloud-based) ERP platforms — always with the end user experience in mind.

SAP S/4HANA transformation

Implementing SAP S/4HANA is not simply an IT transformation. Its success inevitably rests on your people and should be defined by user and business outcomes.

While moving to cloud-based SAP S/4HANA represents a new digital core, it should be viewed from the perspective of your broader business transformation. It will change the processes across all areas, from finance and procurement, to supply chain, manufacturing, and HR. Senior stakeholders must break down silos and engage in your S/4HANA transformation from the outset, or risk failing to build a credible business case for change.

We tailor every client engagement individually, taking an end-to-end perspective, from the business transformation you want to achieve to the outcome each S/4HANA component will deliver. We conduct focus interviews with key sponsors, assess maturity, and create a value-driven roadmap and business case.

Working with colleagues across the wider Capgemini Group, we steer your S/4HANA transformation from design through to deployment for true value realization.

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