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Managing Director Invent Sweden-Finland



Strategy & Transformation


“True motivation for me comes from seeing desired change effects take form as an organization grows and develops. I like to create strategies, but I love execution.”

I joined Capgemini Invent in August 2020 as the new Managing Director of Invent SweFi. Prior to my employment at Invent I have held several CIO positions. I started my career and worked for 15 years as a management consultant first in London at a strategic consultancy firm and then for Ernst & Young Management Consulting before it was bought by Capgemini. I have also founded and led a consultancy as the acting CEO.

Through my past experiences, I have amassed an extensive experience of leadership and digital transformation and successfully managed growth agendas, digital transformation and competence changes. Technology and related organizational changes surrounding the adoption of new technological tools and frameworks is key across all industries. Coming from the industry, I have been able to gain insight from organizations and businesses in transitions due to technological development and customer behavior changes. I bring with me the client perspective in my role as the Managing Director at Invent SweFi.

As the Managing Director, my primary responsibility is to formulate and drive organizational and business growth of Invent SweFi in the Swedish and Finnish consulting markets. We have the benefit of being a Global Business Line within the Capgemini Group, a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services. By drawing on the strengths from the Capgemini Group, Invent has the ability to offer market leading industry and capability expertise within strategy, change and advisory consulting. Together with our talented team of consultants I am looking forward to growing our brand, team and market offerings in the years to come.

Tell us about your role at Capgemini Invent?

My core responsibility on a day to day business is about leadership and communication, both with our clients and our team. I address both strategic and tactical business opportunities.

Finally, a key topic presently is building, enhancing and communicating our Invent brand to the Sweden-Finland consulting markets. In this regard, I have leveraged my own network across CIOs/CXOs and as a public speaker within digitalization, leadership and diversity.

What makes you passionate about your work?

What personally inspires me is to co-create the strategic agenda and mobilize change together with talented colleagues. True motivation for me comes from seeing desired change effects take form as an organization grows and develops. I like to create strategies, but I love execution.

In addition to leading transformations, I find passion in my work by continuously challenging myself to elevate my own learning. There will always remain areas where we can grow and develop when it comes to our skillset, mindset and abilities. My ambition is to apply a “growth mindset” in all aspects of life, whether professional or personal.

How does your work challenge you?

A key challenge is to ensure that Invent SweFi continuously develops and becomes the most relevant player for our clients in an ever-changing business environment where movements toward technology, data and analytics are key drivers. I believe that Invent SweFi has tremendous strength and expertise in this area, but the challenge lies in creating clear and strategic market offerings tailored to each client.

Looking back at your first months at Invent, what are your key takeaways and highlights so far?

I am truly inspired by the level of talent within our organization and look forward to growing our team in the next couple of years. I have also gotten to know our Global Leadership and continuously aligned the Invent SweFi growth strategy with our Global Invent Team to ensure that our growth supports the overall Invent growth agenda.

We help clients invent their futures by bringing to life what’s next. Please tell more about this, perhaps by sharing an example.

Our clients’ realities are exposed to rapid change, as a result consulting firms also need to adapt their way of working and market offerings. Technology is the core driver of organizational change as corporations and employees are faced with adopting new emerging technologies such as RPA, AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) and need to augment work routines and upskill their staff. Adopting new digital work skills is not the least an imperative in a world affected by COVID-19. Being able to predict necessary change for our clients lies at the core of our business and value proposition, hence being able to predict “what’s next”. We are management consultants fluent in emerging tech and are improving our knowledge base and expertise in amongst other the area of data science.

What makes Capgemini Invent stand out?

In my opinion our key strength is our combined traditional management consultancy services with emerging tech, innovation and customer experience. We ensure deep expertise in our client engagements by being able to draw on Capgemini’s global expert network, and by leveraging our specialist knowledge through our sub-brands such as Frog.

What characterizes the people and culture at Capgemini Invent?

Invent SweFi boasts a very warm and inclusive culture with a talented and driven group of colleagues. At the same time, we have a winning attitude and striving for success. Curiosity and willingness to learn are key shared traits. Furthermore, our culture motivates support and we ensure to grow together by lending a helping hand when needed in both client engagements and internal business development.

What is your best advice to a student or younger professional who dream to start a career in management consulting and at Capgemini Invent?

Starting your career as a management consultant ensures an exponential learning curve where you get exposure to various industries and problem statements. I personally started my career after graduation as a consultant and I still make use of the tools on a daily basis. In addition to the benefits of project rotations you will learn to structure your work and professional analysis in an effective way as well as improve your teamwork, leadership and collaboration skills. My key recommendation to anyone considering a career in management consulting is to make sure that you select a firm that has both a focus and culture that fits you. It is important that you feel inspired by the type of projects that you engage in and that the consulting firm your work for supports your learning and development in your desired direction. At Invent SweFi our ambition is to become the Number One digital innovation consulting and transformation firm in the Nordics. Furthermore, we have specialized capability units across areas such as Innovation & Strategy, Brand & Experience, Insight Driven Enterprise, Operations Transformation, People & Organization and Future of Technology. This enables you to build your expertise within an area of your choice. We also offer both international and local trainings to support your growth journey.

Why should you join Capgemini Invent?

We offer a unique combination of both traditional management consultancy services together with emerging tech, innovation and strategy. We offer the benefits of having a global reach and being part of the Capgemini Group, which opens up the possibility of having colleagues worldwide. Hence, we offer the possibility to launch global careers within specialized areas of interest. Our ambition is to attract and nurture the best talents in the market. Another reason to join is that you will get wonderful colleagues.

Career Paths

Looking for a fast-paced, people-centric, and purpose-driven team to kickstart your future? Welcome to Capgemini Invent.

Ready to take your next step with exciting projects with industry-leading clients, a strong team of change makers, and endless opportunities to make an impact? Welcome to Capgemini Invent.

Got what it takes to empower, grow, and lead a strong team of change makers shaping the future with industry-leading clients? Welcome to Capgemini Invent.