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Turvallinen cloud native – myytti vai mahdollisuus?

21 Jun 2021

Cloud native on pilvipalveluihin perustuva ratkaisu, joka kiihdyttää innovaatioita ja kasvattaa organisaation ketteryyttä sisäisesti sekä asiakkaan suuntaan. Mutta miten varmistua siitä, että pilvinatiivi ratkaisu täyttää organisaation toimintaa ja dataa koskevat turvallisuusvaatimukset? Onko tietoturvallisen cloud native –palvelun rakentaminen ylipäätään mahdollista?

Tämä live-sessio tarjoilee arvokasta ajateltavaa niin tietotekniikka-arkkitehdeille, CIO:ille kuin cloud-hankkeista vastaaville kehityspäälliköillekin.

Asiantuntijoina cloud nativen turvallisuuteen opastavat Pasi Mäkinen (Delivery Architect Director) ja Juha-Matti Rajala (Delivery Architect). Keskustelua vetää Capgemini Suomen pilvipalveluista vastaava Simone Leggio (Head of Cloud and DevOps Practice).


Pasi Mäkinen

I help customers in their journey to cloud by advising on related strategy, platform selection, roadmap planning, governance and solutioning. I’m also developing the local community of cloud focused architects, developers and other professionals

I have over 30 years of experience in Technology, Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing and Public sectors from roles ranging from developer, architect, IT strategist, service manager, delivery manager, technology marketing and business development roles.

I have experience on cloud agnostic strategy and governance as well as Microsoft Azure specific solutioning and design guidelines definition. I also have prior background in IT strategy and enterprise architecture definition.

I lives in Finland (Helsinki region) and enjoy keeping up to date on fresh developments in natural sciences and practices landscape, travel and studio portraiture photography.

Simone Leggio

I am an experienced SW delivery leader with over 15 years of experience in delivery of applications and services. I have product delivery experience in different industries and in different roles, which gives me a 360 degree understanding of all aspects of SW development.

My specialty consists in DevOps, Release and Deployment Management, Cloud application delivery, but I am well versed in program and product management for complex SW delivery initiatives.

I am currently leading the Cloud and DevOps delivery unit in Capgemini Finland, Application Services Business Unit. The team is a center of excellence for delivering high quality Cloud applications, introducing and enforcing the DevOps delivery philosophy along with modern and automation-focused delivery methodologies. System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) concepts form the silver lining to enable efficient and automated delivery and release management operations.