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Client story

Aircraft component manufacturer introduces predictive asset maintenance

Intelligent, edge-based predictive asset maintenance solution minimizes production downtime and maximizes ROI

Uptime is everything: Business Case for Predictive Maintenance

In the face of very tight revenue and margin pressures, uptime is everything. A mission-critical manufacturing process requires a highly effective monitoring system that not only detects equipment problems in real time, but also has the built-in intelligence to anticipate those failures before they happen.

For these reasons, manufacturing companies increasingly adopt internet of things (IoT) solutions to collect operational data for improved predictive analysis to help mitigate the risk of unplanned and unscheduled maintenance or equipment replacement.

Manufacturing challenge: Need for prediction-based monitoring systems

A major European aircraft component supplier encountered this challenge first-hand. A mission-critical, programmable milling machine failed, halting the organization’s production process. Despite the customer team’s expertise, the problem proved challenging to diagnose.

The manufacturer needed an efficient, prediction-based monitoring system that could prevent another catastrophic failure and had several requirements for a practical solution.

Responsive and comprehensive Predictive Asset Maintenance Solution

Capgemini worked with the manufacturer to design an end-to-end predictive asset maintenance solution. By integrating real-time communication between the predictive maintenance application, system management, field service, and end users, Capgemini offered a comprehensive solution that significantly reduced the risk of a milling machine failure.

Capgemini’s Predictive Asset Maintenance Solution with Edge Compute runs upon a world-class, security-accredited XIoT platform with Intel® architecture and Intel® IoT Gateways. The IoT gateways at the edge of a corporate network connect sensors and machines via programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to a public cloud solution that hosts the Capgemini Internet of Things (XIoT) platform, asset monitoring capability, and predictive maintenance applications.

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