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Digital Continuity

Unleash the promise of end-to-end digital continuity across the entire product lifecycle by seamlessly integrating ideation, engineering, manufacturing, and aftersales into one unified digital collaboration.

Fast-changing markets and increasingly complex consumer demands are driving companies to quickly adapt their products.

Organizations across all industries are facing challenges to develop complex products (AI, connected products), which require strong collaboration from all domains and disciplines. This necessitates an evolution in product development process to be digital, connected and entirely based on models and data.

We help clients unlock a complete digital continuity supporting collaboration within their extended enterprise including their ecosystem of partners. Starting from a transformative business vision, our teams deploy at scale the digital processes and platforms to ensure a continuous product information flow to fuel informed decision-making.

Digital continuity with Obbligato

The seamless transition of product data.

Capgemini Engineering

What we do

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

We help clients reimagine and digitalize their development process with a business-centric, collaborative and end-to-end approach (ideation, design, development, and in-service management) to make them more efficient.

Digital Twin

We support clients to envision, explore, setup and scale the Digital Twin they need for their business, converging production data sources by the means of virtual replicas for closed-loop decision-making in product engineering, manufacturing and operations.

Simulation and optimization

Accelerate and secure your complex product design by transforming the way to design and test products. By leveraging simulation and multi-domain optimization for complex products, we optimize the engineering phase, generating significant decrease of cost, lead-time and risks.

3D as a Hub

We are laser-focused on 3D technologies to support the digital transformation of industries. Whether you are maintaining industrial facility, managing manufacturing or any technological processes, designing a new product or marketing it, relying on 3D assets is crucial today.

Model-Based Enterprise

We help clients define, adopt, and deploy a Model-Based Approach for their entire digital transformation framework in order to frame a smart digital continuity, structured by models and serving company strategic and disruptive ambitions.

Meet our experts

Sanni Karjalainen

Senior PLM consultant

Ismo Kuuri

Managing Delivery Architect
Ismo Kuuri has worked in ICT business for over 30 years. During that he has been working in various positions like consultancy, project management, presales and sales and business development. Past years Ismo Kuuri has been accountable for solution sales for (new) customers. The most typical role has been account/solution sales manager including participation in a project steering group on vendor side. Manufacturing industry and manufacturing networks: Implementation consultant and project manager for product data management implementation projects. Manufacturing industry: enterprise architect/solutions architect in sales in PLM/ERP/MOM/MES sales projects.

Akash Patil

Sales & Business Development Specialist