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intelligent production system

Close the distance between now and the future you want with an Intelligent Production System.

With our expertise in digital transformation and Life Sciences operations, we’re ready to help you close the distance between where you are now and the future you want.

Using a Lean framework, we partner with you  to enable transformational improvements in scale-up, transfer and care for assets throughout the lifecycle and the safe, efficient, reliable end-to-end production, release and delivery of patient therapies. In doing so, we help to ensure quality and compliance while leveraging core and innovative approaches to achieve breakthrough performance across sites and therapeutic areas.

We bring a mix of digital and process-based functional offers in the areas of:

Digital Continuity

Digital Continuity is a combination of technology solutions, processes, and specific roles within the organization that simplify and organize your information across operations and the full product lifecycle. It delivers real time data and analytics availability, even as your technology continues to evolve over time. Digital Continuity promotes efficient, Right-First-Time technical transfer, agile change management and cost optimization throughout the lifecycle.

Smart Factory

Smart Factory is the direct application of Industry 4.0 to biopharma, pharma and medical device production to provide faster innovations and greater consistency for patients. Smart Factory is also crucial for maintaining the modern cGMP quality systems necessary to facilitate continual improvement. It delivers breakthroughs in releases, Right-First-Time, End-to-End Flow and cost of goods sold.

Digital Quality Assurance and Control

Digital Quality Assurance and Control is a parallel approach to Industry 4.0 tailored specifically for the Quality Laboratories and Quality Assurance processes that join Lean Laboratories and continuous improvement techniques, Industry 4.0 architecture and equipment connectivity and digital use cases. It delivers a smoother flow through the Quality Unit, launch and release Right First Time and optimized cost of quality.

Intelligent Supply Chain

Intelligent Supply Chain is a partnership with our clients to evolve from traditional supply chain operations to the agile and reliable supply chains that today’s production requires. Intelligent Supply Chain leverages composable architecture and digital + cloud technologies to deploy a fit-for-purpose capability across the Plan, Source, Make and Deliver value chain, focusing on the global ecosystem, customer experience, resilience, and sustainability. It delivers breakthrough performance in working capital, service levels and CO2 emissions.

These are all grounded in the fundamentals of digital continuity, lean / quality-by-design and people & culture best practices.

Meet our experts

Brian Eden

Vice President, Global Life Sciences Technical Operations Leader, Capgemini
Leading process and digital solutions in Pharma and Medical Device Operations “We are at an exciting moment when our data systems and analytics are finally capable of helping us fulfill the promise of Industry 4.0 for Pharma and Med Tech. We must move digital transformation forward boldly, all the while keeping our efforts grounded in the fundamentals of data architecture and Lean Thinking that got us to where we are today. “