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Inventive consumer brand experience


Your brands need to redefine their relationships with customers to become better connected, more empathetic and more relevant to their everyday lives.

Those relationships are critical to build the reputation of your brands in a society that lives online. Your brands need the strength to thrive in a world of social media, influencers and micro trends.

With Inventive Consumer Brand Experience, we help consumer products companies to create sustainable value by building end-to-end capabilities for consumer and shopper engagement.

Capgemini helps brands stay relevant while they navigate a series of major shifts in our constantly transforming world. Brands need to take a broader view of how people live and become omnipresent in those lives. Brands can only do that by delivering more meaningful experiences.

Only purposeful brands will thrive

Customers want their brands to share their values, convictions and preoccupations. In order to empathize with customers, brands must embrace a purpose that builds societal value and is put into action internally, externally and, deep within the supply chain. Inventive Consumer Brand Experience helps brands move away from obsessing with consumption, to embracing a purpose that builds societal value, becoming an integral part of customers’ lives.

Data must drive your brand development

The strategic development process also needs a reboot. We work with brands to move from static plans and processes to agile, fluid intelligent planning. As consumer products companies reconsider their data driven marketing focus, shifting from optimizing the selling process, to maximizing the whole brand development process.

Flexible offers, tailored to your vision – You at scale

Inventive Consumer Brand Experience re-invents the capabilities of consumer products companies across the four key areas:

  • Insight driven engagement Putting insights at the heart of consumer engagement decision
  • Future of relationship marketing Building brand equity though relevant personalized two-way engagement with consumers.
  • Winning with content Delivering the right content, at the right time, in the right moment to engage consumers and shoppers.
  • Disruptive shopper engagement Understanding and implementing the right channel strategy and retail activations across the path to purchase.

Only true empathy wins hearts and minds

Most consumer product companies know the environment is changing fast, but knowing changing trends is not enough. The challenge is to know where the trends are heading. How to analyze data and insights. And how to orchestrate a swift and successful response. Most of all you need to know your customers’ hearts and minds if you’re going to win and keep them. Inventive Consumer Brand Experience empowers you to build truly empathetic relationships with your customers, based on a true understanding of their preoccupations, their values, and their everyday needs.


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Meet our experts

Philippe Thobie

Executive Vice President | frog, part of Capgemini Invent