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Self-service customer interactions drive enhanced patient satisfaction

Pawel Bochenek
16 Feb 2023

Capgemini’s award-winning Digital Avatar solution enables healthcare providers to deliver critical information to their digitally excluded patients at speed.

Many healthcare providers currently face challenges related to how health-related information and advice is being distributed to their patients. In particular, the health of digitally excluded, often older, patients who are unaccustomed to using digital platforms, mobile applications, and chatbots is being impacted, and healthcare providers are looking to transform the way they serve these customers.

At Capgemini, we saw this as an opportunity to build a solution that gives patients quick and easy access to all their medical records, ensuring they get the critical information they need, when they need it – without having to explain their medical history every time they connect with their healthcare provider.

Enhancing patient satisfaction and digital inclusion

Our Digital Avatar solution responds to situations and requests just like a human agent to deliver a more digitally inclusive service and enhanced customer satisfaction through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

By simplifying how patients and customers in the healthcare sector receive critical information, our solution eliminates the need for servicing by expensive human resources and reducing the time patients need to access information. It can also be easily integrated with an organisation’s business operations and data, without causing any disruptions to business operations.

The solution combines robotic process automation (RPA), conversational AI, multi-lingual natural language voice processing, digital twin technology, and enterprise platforms with next-generation human avatar digitalisation technology to translate incoming calls in multiple source languages into the patient’s desired language. This eliminates language barriers, enabling older, digitally excluded patients to engage with their healthcare provider quickly, easily, and confidently.

Providing information quickly and reducing costs

Capgemini’s Digital Avatar solution delivers a wide range of business and customer experience outcomes to healthcare providers, including enhanced patient satisfaction and digital inclusion, 90% reduced language dependency, and reduced operational costs.

All of this is why Capgemini’s Digital Avatar solution was recently announced as a winner in Business Intelligence Group’s 2023 BIG Innovation Awards and BIG Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards. And although the solution is still highly experimental, further research suggests significant benefits in hyper-personalised services and next-generation analytics across all business process families.

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Pawel Bochenek

Senior Service Delivery Manager, Capgemini’s Business Services
Pawel Bochenek is passionate about delivering innovative intelligent process automation solutions for clients across various sectors.