LEADING Sustainability

Moving from pledges to real action, focused on practicalities to accelerate global climate action.

COP27 brought together leaders from around the world to “jointly enhance and accelerate the implementation of climate action and follow up on our collective commitments and pledges.”  This means moving on from the commitments to substantive outcomes through emissions reduction, scaled-up adaptation efforts and enhanced flows of appropriate finance.

Making this happen requires bold and rapid collective action. That’s why, at Capgemini, we’re focused on developing and implementing solutions that are practical but also ambitious, using our in-depth knowledge of fast-changing technologies, plus a proven track record of leading sustainable transformation for many industries. Leveraging the multiplier effect of sustainability, innovation, and people – through data, technologies, and engineering – our focus is to work collaboratively to achieve a low carbon and sustainable world.  

We believe it’s important to raise these issues openly and share our collective thinking to help organizations become more ambitious and act decisively. Capgemini was present at COP27, to demonstrate our commitment and share our insights.

The time for talk is over. Instead it’s time to move rapidly towards full, timely, inclusive, and at-scale action on the ground. Here we’re sharing our insights on how to tackle sustainability challenges – we’re ready to help organizations take that leap forward with practical and concrete steps, to ensure that we get the future we all want.

The future starts now.

“a sustainable future is achievable only with deep collaboration with our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.”

Aiman Ezzat, CEO


    A sustainable future calls for collective action, bolder leadership, and smarter technologies. Swipe for more.

    Future Proofing Innovation

    A series of roundtable conversations focused on the strategic topic of sustainability in innovation.

    A sustainable future

    To find lasting, meaningful solutions, leading voices from business, academia, and government must come together.

    The path to low carbon hydrogen

    One of the most effective ways to achieve net-zero goals is to switch from traditional fuels to more eco-friendly sources of energy.

    Burning hydrogen in internal combustion engines

    A smart and affordable option for reduction CO2 emissions

      Climate and technology


        The circular economy can significantly contribute to sustainable development and reduce the pressure on finite resources. Swipe for more.

        Reflect, rethink, reconsider: why food waste is everybody’s problem

        Being a significant emitter of greenhouse gases, food loss continues to be a major problem across the lifecycle of food.

        Future sight: Tackling food waste

        How much food do you waste each week? It quickly adds up to a food mountain that could help to end food poverty. Find out more in our podcast.

        Capgemini Invent

          Sustainability and energy

          Sustainability through a sector lens

            GREENING IT

            Technology leaves an indelible mark on the environment. But if it is to lead us towards the future we want, it cannot leave too deep a carbon footprint. Swipe for more.

            Sustainable IT

            Enterprise IT accounts for a significant part of organizations carbon footprint. Are organizations focusing enough on making it sustainable?

            Future Sight: IT takes CTRL the sustainable way

            Sustainability in IT can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint before regulations change