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Empowering our employees to become cyber savvy in the new normal

Pierre-Luc Réfalo
14 Oct 2021

Capgemini has embraced October as the internationally recognised Cybersecurity Awareness Month to promote the vital role that cybersecurity plays in our ever more digital world.

Over the past two years, a new normal has been established, featuring a hybrid working model filled with new possibilities and inevitably, new risks. At Capgemini, we are committed to creating a trusted environment across our entire ecosystem, which includes clients, third parties, and authorities.

Empowering our remote workers

Thanks to proper planning, timely execution, and leveraging its internal investment in technology, Capgemini was among the first in the industry to massively deploy work-from-home measures across our operations worldwide. Our IT department, supported by Group cybersecurity teams, deployed a “work from home” plan to work securely and monitor endpoints, both connected (VPN) and unconnected (internet) to our network. As a result, nearly 95% of employees have the ability to work remotely and securely.

But, of course, this new way of working requires new skills and knowledge. Most importantly, we know that our employees are our first line of defence. We believe that a complete understanding of our cybersecurity model by all employees will propagate a valuable yet elusive asset: trust.

During Cybersecurity Month, we will be raising awareness about securing remote work from cyber risks – driven by mobility technologies, social networks, clouds and SaaS models, distributed DevOps, etc. Critically, we’ll also be educating our employees on how to manage these risks.

Employee communication and training efforts have been expanded to underscore the best security practices when working from home; we call it acculturation. We aim to develop a cyber culture internally by insisting on incident reporting and leveraging publicly available information on cyberattacks and threats arising in the market based on our threat intelligence service.

A global awareness campaign called “Be cyber savvy in the new normal” is underway to strengthen this culture, and an annual cyber-culture challenge is organised to reward best specific programs across business units.

We’ve also implemented mandatory e-learning modules and created an internal site dedicated to cyber knowledge. Our ambition is to sustain our acculturation activities to ensure that all employees understand the risks and their role in protecting Capgemini, our clients, and themselves.

Our teams are asked to act as ambassadors in building attitudes that promote the appropriate use and protection of information assets at home, at work, and with clients.

Championing cybersecurity, delivering trust

To emphasise the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital economy, we’ll also be rolling out a month-long cyber awareness drive, aligned to the industry theme – “Do Your Part #BeCyberSmart,” starting the first week of October, through blogs, comment pieces, and security roundtables with industry thought leaders and our Capgemini experts.

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Co – Author

Pierre-Luc Réfalo
VP, Head of Group Cybersecurity Governance & Programme

Co – Author

Khéa Magistrali
Communications Officer in Group Cybersecurity