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Capgemini supports Smart DCC with next-day supplier switching

Utility Week reported in July 2019 that the Data Communications Company (DCC) launched a programme to enable next day switching for energy customers – as part of the programme, Capgemini is one of the strategic suppliers that have been awarded contracts to deliver essential services.

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) is leading a transformation programme to make switching suppliers quicker and easier, fostering a more competitive energy market for consumers. Currently it takes up to three weeks to switch your energy supplier, but that is all going to change with the launch of the new Centralised Switching Service (CSS). As Ofgem’s key delivery partner, DCC is tasked with developing and implementing the new CSS, which will enable consumers to switch their energy supplier within 24 hours when it launches in 2021.

As explained on the DCC website, “Capgemini is the service management tools (SMT) provider for the CSS. The SMT for the Switching Programme comprise two elements, a Service Management System and a Self-Service Portal (SSP). The SMS will consist of several applications, reports and interfaces that together will provide full Service Management support for Switching. The functionality will include history and audit trail facilities relating to the resolution of queries and incidents and interfaces to Market Participant Service Management Systems.  It will enable the Switching Operations Management Service, Switching Service Desk, new and existing Service Providers and Market Participants to perform their Service Management responsibilities collaboratively and a centralised view and management of incidents to be maintained.”

“The SSP will allow authorised Market Participant representatives to access the Switching SMS directly to raise queries and incidents, track progress, provide data, such as demand data, and obtain information about the End-to-End Switching service. The aim of the SSP is to reduce reliance on the Switching Service Desk and to enable Market Participants to become largely ‘self-sufficient.’

“Capgemini will design, build, test and transition to live operation the new Switching SMTs. It will then support and maintain these tools for at least the first five years post-Go Live.”

Capgemini has partnered with ServiceNow to implement and operate the Service Management System and Portal.