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Client Stories

IMRG utilises new dashboard to visualise retail data in the UK

IMRG and Capgemini partner to develop an interactive digital dashboard that delivers fast, secure access to market analysis and insights for 250 leading UK online retailers

Faced with a radically changing retail industry, IMRG wanted to provide its members with more comprehensive, responsive, and rapidly accessible output to provide better business insights

Working collaboratively, the partners developed a new platform that retailers could access quickly and easily in order to visualise relevant business data. To maintain the digital dashboard, IMRG members submit data directly to the organisation’s website every week. This tracks 80 sales and performance metrics across 25 product sectors and numerous sub-sectors, aggregating the data into accessible, interactive graphics that provide summary overviews and in-depth insight into a wide range of criteria arranged by sector.


  • Improved data-driven insights for retailers
  • Greater preparedness for disruptions
  • Renewed engagement with member businesses

Together, IMRG and Capgemini see a future for retailers based on increasingly refined data. Building upon the success of the dashboard, the partners can now work on expanding the organisation’s predictive and forecasting capacity to provide these additional analytics through the front-end portal. Now and in the future, IMRG has dedicated itself to the expansion of data-driven insight within the retail industry.