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Client story

Leading consumer goods company introduces a brand-new digitized call center solution

Client: Global consumer goods company
Region: Global
Sector: Consumer products

Client Challenge: To improve the consumer experience and more effectively enable its representatives to quickly and effectively resolve cases, the business wanted to digitize existing call center processes.

Solution: With the first implementation in the market of a joint Salesforce-AWS solution – known as Service Cloud Voice – the company provided its advisors with expanded consumer profiles to improve services.


  • 15% improvement in Net Promoter Score
  • Accelerated resolution of call center cases
  • Greater awareness of consumer needs and interests
  • Empowered  company agents to engage more effectively with consumers

When it comes to supporting customers, knowledge is key. This is particularly true of call centers, where an agent’s ability to support customers relies on knowing as much as possible.

A global consumer goods company saw an opportunity to better understand and serve consumers by more effectively empowering its advisors. To do so, the company recognized that it would have to perform a technology and business transformation and set out to find the right solution to fit its circumstances. The company selected Capgemini as its partner.

As they launched the project and reviewed the potential applications of the chosen solution, the partners engaged Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce, who had just announced a joint venture that merged AWS Connect and the Salesforce Service Cloud. Seeing an opportunity to implement a brand-new solution that aligned with the company’s vision of digitized call channels, the consumer goods company and Capgemini offered the project as the first implementation of the Service Cloud Voice (SCV) solution.