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Parcelforce Worldwide transforms tracking and reporting with new dashboard

By committing to an agile and collaborative approach, Parcelforce Worldwide partnered with Capgemini to deliver parcel-tracking information to its customers more quickly and accurately.

Deeper insights for a better customer experience

As a key player within the express carrier industry in the United Kingdom, Parcelforce Worldwide has built its business upon satisfying its customers’ interests while safely and rapidly delivering packages to a diverse range of domestic and international locations. A member of the Royal Mail Group family, Parcelforce Worldwide has spent over 30 years investing in IT and infrastructure to ensure an optimal experience for businesses and consumers. The challenge for Parcelforce Worldwide was that they needed to supply a wide array of tracking information on their website to customers, in order to improve the overall customer experience. This would involve replacing their tracking processes.


Parcelforce Worldwide partnered with Capgemini to create a new tracking and reporting dashboard that provides its customers with unique and transparent insights into the tracking details with secure access to account information. By implementing the new dashboard, the organisation intended to enhance its efficiency, responsiveness and accuracy. The solution would need to provide a complete view of all parcels handled by Parcelforce Worldwide with a modern look and feel and a smooth interface.

What are the benefits of the new dashboard?

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Greater visibility
  • Faster delivery of relevant information to customers
  • Reduced costs

A one team approach

Parcelforce Worldwide wanted a partner that understood the unique challenges it faced and had a history of customised, digital solutions that utilised best-in-class technology. For this project, the organisations followed an agile methodology that involved daily co-ordination, maintaining a consistent dialogue about business rules, objectives and the Parcelforce Worldwide future vision. This approach ensured early buy-in from stakeholders because it established the need for a full commitment to and time investment in the solution. Through working as a single, cohesive team, Parcelforce Worldwide and Capgemini established an approach that would deliver a fully bespoke and innovative solution to meet the customer need.

Achieving a joint success

Parcelforce Worldwide now has an advantage within a highly competitive market. It is able to provide a unique level of support through an unprecedented amount of information that concerns a volume of parcels that other organisations cannot track as effectively. This project has once again demonstrated Parcelforce Worldwide is dedicated to innovation and to its customers, while providing yet another proof point of Capgemini’s flexibility and aptitude for delivering unique, best-in-class solutions.

We are proud that Capgemini and Parcelforce Worldwide have been shortlisted for both the UK Digital Experience Awards and the Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2019 for this project.

Download the full success story here.