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Client Stories

Salesforce CRM platform enables Atos Medical to focus on its patients

Client: Atos Medical
Region: Nordics
Industry: Life Sciences & Healthcare

Through its partnership with Capgemini, Atos Medical manages to design, configure, and roll out the Salesforce Sales Service Cloud solution to 18 countries successfully despite a global pandemic

Client: Atos Medical

Region: Nordics

Industry: Life Sciences & Healthcare

Client Challenge: To better support approximately 100,000 patients with a team of around 400, Atos Medical wanted to implement a CRM platform that could ensure standardised, less manual processes and optimise the entire patient journey

Solution: Partnering with Capgemini, Atos Medical implemented the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud, customised the patient journey, and provided users with a 360-degree patient view


  • Improved engagement with patients to provide early, ongoing, and personalised support for life
  • Optimised patient experience and accelerated innovation leadership
  • Secured a strong foundation through reliable and simple business processes supported by corporate infrastructure
  • Faster patient support as a result of Atos Medical’s 360-view of patient.

Using data to better help customers

In a world increasingly shaped by digital technology, medical technology provides a unique opportunity for innovation to directly benefit people. By making sure that new treatments reach patients faster and simplifying the process to receive critical care, information, and equipment, digitally driven organisations can improve the quality of life for those most in need. Any work that can be done to make the experience easier for patients, whether by making their journey fast and painless or by enabling an organisation to reach out to them proactively, can have a substantial impact.

So, when Atos Medical, a leading provider of neck stoma care to around 100,000 customers, saw an opportunity to improve the way it performed patient care management, the company did not hesitate.

“Our whole identity is built around a customer-centric approach,” explains Henrik Helmer Hansen, Vice President of Strategy & Commercial Excellence at Atos Medical. “Everything we do, every decision we make is about making life better for our users. As we’d spread out across the world, our various teams had become a bit isolated and developed their own ways of managing patient data and contact. Unfortunately, this meant that we really didn’t have a universal view of our users, all of whom needed critical care of some kind.”