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Tracks to transformation: Unveiling the digital era in rail transport

Let’s discover how a seamlessly integrated rail industry will drive the future of mobility.

Tracks to transformation: Unveiling the digital era in rail transport

In this webinar we delve into the digitisation initiatives shaping the rail industry. Gain insights from Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the Dutch national operator, driving these advancements within its ecosystem. Additionally, Capgemini, a global leader in business and digital transformation will share their expertise as a transformation partner for rail companies worldwide.

Today, around 7% of passenger traffic in Europe runs on the railways and less than 1 per cent in the Americas. To achieve the sustainability goals set in place globally, significantly more passengers and goods need to be transported by rail. Digitalisation and data are essential to create a more attractive new multi modal customer journey while reducing the hassle! To accelerate the digitisation of railways—and thus position this industry at the heart of future mobility choices — we believe that we need to transform the way the industry operates and collaborates. This webinar explores digitisation streams in rail industry from a perspective of NS as the national operator in the Netherlands very actively driving this within NS and their ecosystem and Capgemini as a business and digitalisation transformation partner to rail companies globally. It will zoom into on an integrated system of systems approach as key element of the digitalisation journey – and specifically focus on how stakeholders need a clearly defined ambition and a new mode of collaboration to succeed jointly as an industry

Key Learnings

  1. How digitalisation of rolling stock & maintenance is implemented to benefit clients, supports our on-board and technical staff and how it contributes towards operational excellence.
  2. Strategic business goals to successfully scale our operations in line with volatile market circumstances.


Sophie Verbeek
Senior Manager leading digitalisation rolling stock & maintenance NS at Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Michael Davis
Railroad Industry Solutions Lead, Capgemini Engineering