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Capgemini partners with Mistral AI to spearhead the adoption of new frontier generative AI models

New partnership is set to accelerate business transformation for organisations with efficient, customisable, state-of-the-art AI models

08 Feb 2024

Paris, February 8, 2024 – Capgemini today announced a new alliance partnership agreement with one of the world’s most innovative and dynamic new players in artificial intelligence, Mistral AI. Together, Capgemini and Mistral AI will focus on accelerating the evolution towards more accessible, versatile, and cost-effective generative AI implementation at scale. Capgemini aims to help its extensive portfolio of global clients derive greater long-term value and accelerate their generative AI use cases by embedding Mistral AI’s highly efficient foundational models into their broader generative AI architecture.

Thanks to this new partnership, Capgemini’s clients will not only benefit from the company’s leading capabilities in data and AI, breadth of generative AI services and deep industry expertise, but also Mistral AI’s revolutionary generative AI models. Mistral AI is changing the game for organizations looking to transform their business, developing a broad range of AI models that are more cost efficient and currently outperform most alternatives in the industry. Leveraging Mistral AI’s technology, Capgemini aims to make generative AI more accessible for enterprises looking to customize and deploy multiple use cases for a large number of users, and with a lower carbon footprint.

Mistral AI’s foundational large language models (LLMs) are a transformative force for innovation. Based in France and with a team of cutting-edge AI scientists across Europe, Mistral AI’s models offer unmatched customization and are pretrained for robust multi-lingual competencies – a key requirement for global organizations today. Together, Capgemini and Mistral AI are exceptionally well-positioned to address clients’ specific business needs, especially in highly regulated and sensitive industries, such as Financial Services, Aerospace and Defense, Utilities and Telcos, and Public Sector.

Arthur Mensch, Cofounder and CEO of Mistral AI said, “Mistral AI is on a mission to push generative AI forward and it is only through collaboration with like-minded visionaries that we will accelerate the diffusion of this world changing technology. Deployment at scale is one of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of generative AI, and our partnership with Capgemini means forward-thinking organizations of all sizes will be able to customize our compute-efficient, powerful AI models for real world applications.”

Fernando Alvarez, Chief Strategy and Development Officer at Capgemini and Group Executive Board member said, “Sustainable business transformation demands the ability to scale, and for generative AI this means efficient, high performing open models with smaller compute size and lower carbon footprint installations. Together with Mistral AI, Capgemini will help to spearhead the AI revolution, enabling organizations of all sizes to realize significant business value from this technology that is set to redefine the world we live in and accelerate the dual transition towards a digital and sustainable economy.”