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Corporate social responsibility

Together, we’ll get the future we want for our people, our society, and our planet.

As the contract between business and society changes, we’re doing more to take on the biggest challenges facing society. We combine the power of the latest technology with our human energy, supporting the next generation of digital innovators and building an inclusive culture where everyone can be their true, authentic self.


Cyril Garcia, Capgemini Invent, Sectors, Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitments

There has never been a better time to leverage technology and human capabilities to tackle environment, social and governance (ESG) challenges. ESG is embedded in our corporate strategy with a focus on eight priorities that have significant positive impacts on our business, and for our stakeholders.

We are committed to supporting 11 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and our social and environmental responsibility is embedded in commitments we’ve made at national, regional and global levels. Through these commitments, we’ll help build the more inclusive and sustainable future that we want, and that our planet needs.

Three priority areas

By driving sustainable thinking into our operations and the work we do with clients.

By fostering an inclusive culture and building a diverse workforce.

By using the passions and skills of our people to bridge the digital divide.

Our impact

A List
recognition from the CDP for leadership in tackling climate change
of vice president promotions and hires filled by women
digital inclusion beneficiaries since the program was launched in 2018

Awards and recognition

Each year we are recognized as for our corporate social responsibility initiatives and achievements. 

    Social Response Unit (SRU)

    Our Social Response Unit mobilizes our business to respond fast to the world’s most immediate crises. It has impacted more than 1 million lives in responding to the COVID-19 crisis.


      Whether working with the UN on net-zero initiatives or collaborating with the Partnering for Racial Justice in Business Initiative, our partnerships allow us to take on society’s toughest challenges.

        Inside stories

        Learn more

        Every year we provide a transparent view of our CSR progress in our annual reports.

        Our policies and procedures are there to ensure each of us acts ethically and complies with the law.

        Our ethical culture builds on our core Values to guide our team members all around the world.

        Meet our experts

        Rebecca Gustafsson

        HR Director Capgemini Norway
        Rebecca Gustafsson is an experienced HR executive and proud sponsor of our D&I initiatives in Capgemini Norway. She is currently undertaking a certification in Diversity Management, by Seema.

        Pernille Krogstad

        Software Tester at Sogeti Norway at pillar head Environmental Sustainability
        Pernille Krogstad is a Software Tester in Capgemini, and is passionate about how software testing can help reduce our carbon footprint. She has been part of Environmental Network in Capgemini since it started in 2019 , where she works with engaging employees in Capgemini Norway to take climate action. This includes organizing different activities and events that contribute to a more sustainable environment, both private and workplace.

        Thomas Benestad

        Manager at Capgemini Invent Norway and OUTfront Spoc
        Thomas has been working in Capgemini Invent for over 5 years and primarily helps our clients accelerate their sustainable transformation through the use of digitalization. Due to his international upbringing and as a proud member of the LGBTQ+ family, Thomas is passionate about improving diversity and inclusion at Capgemini. He leads OUTfront Norway, Capgemini’s internal LGBTQ+ network, with a mission to increase awareness and understanding of LGBTQ+ issues at the workplace to ensure that we can all bring our true selves to work, every day.

        Sofie Elisabeth Johnsen

        Software Engineer Capgemini Norway and pillar head Environmental Sustainability
        Sofie Johnsen is a backend developer within Capgemini’s Microsoft community, who joined Environmental Network in Norway when it was established in 2019. During 2020 Sofie became a co-leader of the environmental group working together with a core team who seeks to share knowledge and engagement among our colleagues on environmental sustainability and climate action.

        Marte Skogly

        HR Business Partner at Capgemini Norway and Women of Capgemini
        Marthe works as HR Business Partner in Capgemini Norway with strategies, processes and policies together with the Management Team. Marthe is an operative member in our internal network, Women@Capgemini, whose ambition is to improving the gender balance where her role is to secure continuity in the group, develop strategies, initiatives and events, and be the connecting link between employees and the management on diversity and inclusion.

        Camilla Berg Gjennestad

        Senior Consultant in Capgemini Invent Norway and D&I Champion
        Camilla works as a Senior Consultant in Capgemini Invent and has been with the company for 2 years. Besides working with clients on large digital transformation programs, she is passionate about diversity and inclusion and has the role as Diversity & Inclusion Champion for Capgemini Norway. Together with HR and management she is responsible for driving the D&I agenda forward and works to increase awareness and knowledge on the topic. Her ambition is to create a workplace where everyone feel welcome and included, regardless of their background

          Our approach to ESG

          It is our convction that there has never been a better time to leverage technology and human capabilities to tackle environment, social and governance (ESG) challenges.