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Delivering frictionless digital customer service in healthcare


The global pandemic has caused enterprises to rethink their approach to digital customer service, and with this has come a willingness to adopt a digital-first approach. Healthcare has been no exception, with the sector being forced to adopt a digital approach to customer service (telehealth) that focuses on meeting individual patient needs.

Propelled by the pandemic, the global telehealth industry is currently driving digital customer service transformation that delivers enhanced efficiency and improved customer experience to healthcare professionals and their patients alike. However, to meet the desired level of healthcare patients want, providers must accelerate their use of frictionless, omnichannel digital customer service channels. Innovative services that are available around the clock and create a more individualized approach to digital customer service and patient wellness are key to the future of healthcare.

In the post-pandemic world, consumers have become accustomed to services that are convenient, intelligent, and readily available. This is due to the implementation of digital touchpoints, the adoption of social distancing measures, and new hygiene protocols which have caused a noticeable shift across the healthcare industry. However, these changes – initially driven by necessity – are now being welcomed by patients who want access to personalized and relevant consumer healthcare services at a time that suits them.

This fact is illustrated in research from the US that indicates that 50 million people would be willing to switch their family practice provider to have access to virtual visits. This finding is clearly a big driver accelerating digital transformation of the healthcare industry.

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