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Elevate your cloud strategy – Cloud Economics & Optimization

28 Jan 2022

Leveraging Public Cloud Platforms is not a hype anymore, adopting Public Cloud is a must to compete in today’s digital market. With the flexibility and speed of delivery, Public Cloud helps companies lower the time-to-market and explore new innovative technologies. This explains why many companies have already adopted some form of the Public Cloud.

However, lack of cloud governance may raise your IT spend drastically, do you still have control over your Public Cloud spend? Read the interview of Rijk van den Bosch, Cloud CoE Lead, Capgemini, about the real cost challenges of Cloud

Taming the spiraling costs of Cloud

In the market, Capgemini sees that one of the biggest challenges is Public Cloud Governance and how to keep control over Security, Costs, Risks and Architecture compliance. Cost is one of the biggest aspects of this challenge and includes:

  • Controlling (over-) spending: When the growing usage of Public Cloud reaches the office of the CFO, generally teams are overspending.
  • Transparency in costs: With different teams and departments using Public Cloud features, consumption of Public Cloud increases as the number of services grow, leading to a lack of transparency in costs.
  • Utilization of resources: Using the flexibility and scalability of Public Cloud is fundamental to keep the costs low. This means that resources that are not- or underutilized can be shut- or scaled down to reduce the consumption costs.
  • IaaS implementations that can be modernized: Modernizing your application landscape to microservices, containers of even serverless applications gives you the opportunity to use the real flexibility and scalability of the Public Cloud.

See-Decide-Act: Capgemini’s Cloud Economics and Optimization

Our Cloud Economics and Optimisation assessment, is a consultation that aims to detect, identify and implement necessary cost optimisation to minimize cloud operating costs, through a structured approach. This Service also provides greater emphasis on creating a culture of cloud cost accountability and transparency. The assessment combines our expertise, best practices and a toolset to:

  • Visualize Cloud Consumption
  • Create an inventory of your Public Cloud estate
  • Improve on Cloud Costs efficiency

Identify quick wins in cost reduction for your IT landscape

Capgemini offers this as a 7-8-week assessment, that involves a high-level assessment of your Public Cloud environment, analysis of your Public Cloud consumption and the delivery of an advice report to reduce and control your Public Cloud spend. The offer is Cloud Agnostic, this means that it can be based on any Cloud Service Provider like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

With minimal effort and costs the assessment will gain you the following valuable insights.

  • Quick Wins to reduce your Public Cloud spend in just a few steps.
  • Visibility and transparency in your actual Public Cloud consumption and the forecasted consumption.
  • Advice on Application Modernization and the usage of Platform as a Service features like containers, webservices and/or serverless functions.
  • Help create a culture of cloud cost accountability and transparency.