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climate week NYC | September 17-24, 2023

Embarking on the journey to sustainability.

We are extremely grateful for the impactful discussions, influential voices and transformative initiatives that defined our presence throughout Climate Week NYC 2023. As one of the largest annual climate event gatherings in the world, Climate Week is designed to drive transition, speed up progress, and champion change. This edition did just that. 

From hosting our exclusive event, Capgemini Connect, to sponsoring both the RE100 Awards with Climate Group and the World Biodiversity & Energy Transition Summits with World Climate Foundation, we were able to foster crucial exchanges between clients, partners and experts alike. 

Climate Week NYC was a key opportunity for us to help businesses understand how interconnected and complex achieving sustainability actually is. It is about fostering a complete mindset shift, from individuals taking stock of the whole sustainable picture to companies understanding the end-to-end change that it entails. 

That is why we introduced our new sustainability approach at Climate Week, one that is entirely based on accompanying our clients and partners on the journey from business to planet. We believe that combining the necessities of business efficiency and the environmental and social imperative is not only possible – but paramount. 

We look forward to continuing to build on the momentum generated during Climate Week NYC, and to reinforcing our commitment to the journey from Business To Planet. 

Business to planet: Consciously accelerating sustainability

Discover how we are fully embracing the need to move from business commitments to sustainable results.