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Intelligent Cloud Operations

Flatten the bubble with Intelligent Cloud Operations (ICON)

Transforming from the data center to the cloud can provide a platform for innovation and acceleration, enabling an operating model that delivers customer and employee benefit across the value chain. Mission-critical applications often have architectures which don’t easily transform, as much as non-functional requirements which public cloud often struggles to meet. Regulation, data jurisdiction, security concerns and monolithic architectures can increase the cost and risk profile for transformation, and ultimately choke the business case. ICON changes these rules of the game.

Bringing Cloud Ambitions to Life

ICON: the benefits

ICON unites Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Capgemini’s proven approach to delivering cloud transformation and the Cloud Operating Model. We bring together proven accelerators, architectures, patterns, and code repositories to accelerate your move to cloud, at the same time flattening the bubble of cost and risk which enterprises face when migrating mission critical workloads to cloud.

The core capabilities and benefits of ICON include:

  • Data center as code and per second billing
  • A modernized and highly efficient cost-effective Oracle database estate
  • 50% reductions in deployment effort for Oracle Applications Unlimited
  • High-Performance Compute in the cloud or burstable from the data center
  • VMware migration to the Cloud with no VMware modifications
  • Minimize nugatory re-architecture effort normally associated with cloud migration
  • Modernize applications to increase benefit across the value chain
  • Accelerated cloud-native development
  • Modernize integration with future-proof and agile solutions

Meet our experts

Tawana Dyer

Global Oracle Partner Executive, Capgemini
ERP Cloud Advisory, Intelligent Cloud Operations, Manufacturing Advantage – SCM, Transformative HR -HCM

Chris Hollies

Expert in Cloud Infrastructure Services, Cloud Integration Services, Cloud security
I help customers to exploit Cloud computing at an Enterprise Level. My experience as Oracle DBA, E-Business Suite DBA, Infrastructure Specialist and Cloud Architect in many sectors help me bring insight and vision to my customers. I designed and built one of the UK’s first Oracle based private cloud solutions that helped to take Oracle ERP customers in public services to the Cloud for the first time, followed by utilities and housing.

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