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Get ready for the recruitment meeting

Congratulations on getting through the first stages of the recruitment process. You have made the first step, now it is time you make the next ones.

Below you will find some information on both the company and the interview itself, which will help you to prepare for the meeting. We hope that this makes you find out how cool it is to work among Capgeminers.

We work in a hybrid model, that’s why most of our interviews happen remotely. This why you have an experience of a real conversation from the comfort of your home.

Who are we?

Figures do not lie — Capgemini is an international community made of many professionals and experts in their areas.

employees in Poland
employees all over the world

es! Capgeminers are professionals, experts and specialists in many areas. Thanks to their knowledge and experience we have worked out the position of the global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. But Capgeminers are also people open to diversity and development, who together create a great climate for collaboration and friendship.

Capgemini Poland is a part of a global Capgemini brand recognized all over the world. Polish branch has been present on the market since 1996, and it is the biggest foreign investor in the area of modern business services nationwide.

Where are our offices?

We have been present in Poland since 1996. The company has its offices in Krakow, Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań, Opole, Warsaw, Lublin and Gdańsk.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Capgemini Poland is divided into 7 Capgemni Global Business Lines. These are “sectors” in which we operate. One of them is called Cloud Infrastructure Services.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud Infrastructure Services (CIS) is a global team of IT experts and technology specialists. Each day we take care of the comfort of our clients, supporting them in their work through integrating sy

What do we specialize in in this department?

  • cloud computing
  • designing, creating, testing and implementing of IT solutions
  • IT project management
  • IT infrastructure support and transformation services
  • software application management
  • ITIL services management, including multi-language customer service.

In the Information Cloud

Today, cloud seems something obvious and ubiquitous. Actually, each business strategy is based on cloud. And although it is widely used all over the world, only some people know what the cloud really is, what its elements are, how it works, how it can be accessed. And it is this knowledge that forms the basis for CIS operations. Thanks to our abilities to manage infrastructure, operational systems, as well as internal and access networks, we can offer our clients highly specialised services. We manage software applications, IT operations, accessibility, configurations and system changes.

These are the skills development areas in Cloud Infrastructure Services:

  • support and IT infrastructure transformation services
  • ITIL processes management
  • hosting and service desk (we provide technical support and IT infrastructure management all over the world)

We have experts in cloud solutions skilled in AWS and Azure as well as ITIL, Vmware, Citrix, Oracle Database and many more. We support companies providing helpdesk services (using human resources as well as artificial intelligence), network access and maintenance, IT operations, hosting and applications maintenance.

What will we be talking about during the meeting?
For us, interview is not a contest with tricky question. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. Prepare for the meeting, as we for sure ask you about your strengths and areas in which you feel you are good. If you can give examples to support your skills, it will be a great asset. The recruiter may also ask you how you behave in difficult situations, or if you have ever been in such situations, and how you managed to cope with. Remember that we have a shared goal – to discover your true potential. Depending on the position applied for, also questions testing your knowledge may arise, e.g. in finance, processes or technology.

STAR model

STAR model may be helpful in preparation for the interview. In case of questions on your hitherto behaviour e.g. in difficult situations, you may build your answer on the elements:

Interview is also a good moment for the manager to learn about your aspirations, expectations and motivation behind your intention to join Capgemini.
Remember that conversation means dialogue, so if you want to learn more on the job description or working style of a given team, this is a good time to ask questions.

Let’s get ready for the interview!

As we know, the year 2020 changed a lot… the mode of communication has changed as well since. Currently we work in a hybrid model, that’s why most of the interviews happen online. We have several hints for you to help you prepare for this kind of meeting.

1. Get acquainted with the communicator we use (the information is in the invitation to the interview).

Before you connect with us, test the equipment you will be using.

2. Applications on the phone / computer

Before the meeting, turn off any applications that may distract you or interfere with your conversation..

3. Prepare your surroundings and introduce yourself in a good light

A good impression is important. We use webcams for conversations, so check what we can see when we talk to you (camera scope).

Take care of balanced lighting so that we can get to know you in a good light.

1. Good internet connection

Inform household members about the planned conversation so that they can reduce the Internet load.

1. Punctuality

Join the meeting 5 minutes before its scheduled start. In case of technical problems, you will have time to solve them or inform us about the situation.

1. Dress code – our conversations take place using a webcam.

Business casual will make the best impression.

What Capgemini can offer you?

As we do care for continuous improvement development and well-being of our employees, we have prepared a set of benefits and incentives for them. See what they are: 


We have a free-of-charge access to NEXT platform which combines content from many libraries and from many e-learning course providers, among others Coursera, Harvard Manage Mentor, Spark, Microsoft or Pluralsight. You may participate in development programmes, academies, and apply for subsidies to external courses, education and certification.

    In-house job offers

    You can change the direction of development and career path within the company. Each employee may plan his or her career path in a flexible manner. You can choose the leader path for people who want to manage their own team in future, or expert path for people who want to develop in a given area, but without the need to manage HR.

      Medical care

      We have access to private medical care in Medicover centres for ourselves and our family members, with an option to extend the package by dental services on preferential terms and conditions.Access to StayWell helpline – we can have conversations with psychotherapists from Mind Med Psychotherapy Institute on mental health, care for emotional development and building effective relations with people.


        At Capgemini, a sense of maintaining a balance between professional and private life is extremely important to us. That is why we make sure that every person can use a variety of tools that support a sense of satisfaction, provide support and help in difficult times. These tools respond to the challenges of working in a hybrid model and help us to constantly work on the well-being of all who work with us.

          Wide array of benefits

          Everyone has access to a personalized NAIS platform, where we can spend the points we are entitled to every month for benefits we like, e.g. for: Multisport card, cinema tickets, holiday trips, stays in SPAs, vouchers for shops etc… We have free access to a wide database of audiobooks, from language learning to fiction or audiobooks for children.


            Everybody can join our communities and engage in various projects, e.g. Cultural Diversity Community, Women@Capgemini Community.We participate in many webinars – with guests invited and with other employees. The meeting topics are as broad as our interests – from IT, through finance or health, to travel.

              Unique atmosphere

              Joint celebrations: Children’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, the last Thursday of carnival, St. Nicholas’ Day? Unforgettable moments spent with our colleagues let us make friends and feel good in the company. There are many activities happening: either internal contest, or sending postcards, or interesting webinars. You can never be bored!

                Corporate Social Responsibility

                Each of us may conduct a grant programme, i.e. raise funds for specific social purposes. Our Capgeminers refurbished children’s homes, organised coding workshops in social day-care centres, hospitals, and created a virtual space with training for the digitally excluded! Have you got an idea for your project? Great – at Capgemini you will find space for its implementation!

                  Our responsibility
                  As an employer we take responsibility for our employees. We create secure and stable workplace. We take care of your development, foster diversity and engage in local communities. All of that not only positions Capgemini as the leader, but also gives us recognition from external entities.

                    Awards & recognition

                    We can boast of numerous awards that motivate us to further action and show us that our effort pays off.

                    Ethisphere 2023

                    Every year, we take care of our ethical culture, which has been appreciated by Ethisphere for the 11th time in a row!

                    LinkedIn Top Companies 2023

                    We were ranked among the Top 25 LinkedIn companies of 2023 in Poland, France, Portugal, New Zealand and Sweden.

                    Top Employer Europe 2023

                    For many years, Capgemini has been awarded the Top Employer Polska certificate. From 2021, we can also boast of the Top Employer Europe.

                    Most Attractive Employers – Universum 2022

                    IT students from around the world again placed us in the top 50 most attractive employers in the world.