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CSR at capgemini PORTUGAL

Building a Sustainable Future

Our path in Capgemini Portugal’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey is propelled by a dedication to sustainable impact, fostering positive change for our local community and the environment. Join us as we strive to make a meaningful difference in Portugal through dedicated CSR initiatives.

Our Three CSR Pillars

Environmental Sustainability

By integrating sustainable practices into our operations and client collaborations.

Diversity and Inclusion

By fostering an inclusive culture and cultivating a diverse workforce.

Digital Inclusion

By leveraging the expertise and passions of our team to bridge the digital divide.

“CSR is not about fulfilling requirements or charity work, it’s about a collective internal growth mindset that entails embracing intergenerational responsibility and promoting solidarity. It’s about engaging in active listening and promoting transformative positive change at all levels of our company for the better good of human society and nature.”

Inez Agoas, ESG Head & Environmental Lead, Capgemini Portugal

Our mission

At Capgemini, we are dedicated to upholding our core commitments in Corporate Social Responsibility. Our initiatives span various domains, including supporting the LGBT+ community, fostering an inclusive workplace through the Women@Capgemini program, and promoting environmental sustainability with our net-zero business goals. We actively engage in Impact Together Week, encouraging collective action for a better world.

We invite talented individuals to join our dynamic team, where we not only aim to make a difference in both technology and the world, but also foster an environment of innovation and positive impact. Explore our CSR initiatives in Capgemini Portugal, where we strive to build a sustainable future for the planet and society, ensuring that our efforts have a meaningful and lasting impact.

Pride in Progress

As advocates for an inclusive future, we proudly support the LGBT+ community through our internal OUTfront network and Pride Month celebrations. Join us in championing diversity and equality for all.

Impact Together Week embodies our collective commitment to creating a better world. It’s a dedicated time showcasing how simple, human actions can lead to measurable impacts. By fostering an environment where talent meets passion, we pave the way for the positive futures we envision for the next generation.

We’re dedicated to reaching carbon neutrality by 2025 and becoming net-zero by 2030, highlighting our strong commitment to environmental sustainability. We’re enhancing energy efficiency, reducing travel and office emissions, minimizing commuting emissions, and cutting supply chain emissions. This transition has started in our offices, including those in Évora and Lisbon, showcasing our firm dedication to sustainable practices everywhere.

Our aim is to foster a workplace where women can thrive without constraints, promoting diversity and inclusivity. We achieve this through comprehensive education, leadership development, and equal opportunities, enabling a vibrant community that supports women’s success at every level within the organization.

From Trash to Treasure

Capgemini Portugal has partnered with the River Cleanup and Brigada do Mar association to help mitigate the impact of human life on the environment.

We are committed to creating a positive impact in the communities we serve. Through ongoing projects, we strive to support those in need and improve their quality of life. Our efforts involve enhancing local institutions and fostering a more comfortable environment through various material contributions. Additionally, we offer the most valuable assets of all – our time and attention. We firmly believe that each act of solidarity can leave a meaningful and lasting impression.

Join our team

At Capgemini, we’re shaping both technology and the world. Be part of our vibrant community, where creativity thrives, and innovation is celebrated. Join us to make your mark in tomorrow’s digital transformation!

Our approach to ESG

Our conviction is that there has never been a better time to leverage technology and human capabilities to tackle environment, social and governance (ESG) challenges.