Business Model Design

Innovative business models are critical for breakthroughs that disrupt industries and bring game-changing ideas to life.

Brilliant products, services, and breakthrough innovations occur when new technology capabilities are combined with new user experiences and new consumption models.

History is paved with milestones where new business models radically changed the dynamics of industries. Uber and Lyft moved transportation from make and sell to a brokerage model allowing for rapid expansion; Amazon moved from transactions to memberships with Amazon Prime strengthening behavioral loyalty; and Spotify championed the freemium model offering a free basic product to attract multiple users and a paid premium for advanced features.

Through our proven methodology and design-thinking approach, we take clients on a creative business model prototyping journey from exploration and ideation to evaluation and selection. We work with clients to push boundaries and break dominant industry logic to create business models that shape the future and embrace sustainability goals. We take clients from idea to implementation.

What we do

Prototype new possibilities

Where do you start your new business model journey? We prototype future possibilities, partnering with clients to explore and ideate options that are outside the norm.

We work through customer segment analysis, value propositions, and customer relationships, right through to what it takes to go to market with new and game-changing business models. This sees us delving into cost structure, activities, resources, channels, partners, and revenue streams. Model mapping exercises also look at current business models and assess where the weaknesses lie.

Through strategy sessions, interactive workshops, and proven methodologies based on design thinking principles, we inspire organizations to consider wildly different options. These might come from inside your own industry or from further afield based on the similarity principle, or from confrontational techniques that stretch the boundaries to find even more interesting ideas.

Identify high potential options

Looking for that disruptive business model? Choosing the options that are right for your business isn’t easy but should always answer the key question: How will the business models we’re reviewing help to address the challenges we face?

We work with our clients to draw up a shortlist of 6 to 8 potential models that are then further evaluated to capture the implications for the business or concept. This is a dynamic environment as these value exchange discussions can cause ideas to be adjusted before those with the highest potential are taken to the next stage.

Once we narrow in on the highest potential business models, we evaluate them using quantitative modeling, analyzing the implications on our client’s business. We map how value is created, exchanged, and paid for, and stress test each assumption of the model. We conduct market tests and experiments to determine how buyers react to the proposed business model, and iterate to capture those learnings.

We document the proposed new business models and create a plan for our clients with a playbook for execution that makes the ideas real.


frog, part of Capgemini Invent, drives customer-centric transformations at scale through innovative and human-centric design work.

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Tim Morey

Managing Director, frog, Capgemini Invent
Tim leads a global team of business and product strategists who work alongside frog designers and technologists to bring game changing innovations to market. He has worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years in a variety of product, strategy and marketing roles.