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the future of the automotive supply chain

A seemingly minor event in the supply chain can have a major impact on business growth and continuity. So successful automotive supply chain transformation can bring strategic competitive advantage.

Leading automakers are striving to build a resilient, connected, intelligent, and sustainable supply chain to help them deal better with disruptions of the kind experienced recently: raw materials shortages, the shift to EVs and software-defined vehicles, and the need for global regulatory compliance right down to the Nth tier, to name just a few. Clearly, the automotive supply chain must evolve, and OEMs are now rethinking their whole approach to working with suppliers.

A potential barrier to transformation is that legacy systems are usually unable to address today’s needs, such as advanced planning and decision-making in complex scenarios. Therefore, organizations are starting to exploit new techniques and technologies that deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility and fully data-enabled decision-making. Thanks to this automotive supply chain transformation, automakers will soon be far better equipped to achieve their business goals.

Capgemini works with automotive clients to help them achieve this transformation. We collaborate with major automakers to optimize their decision-making, positioning them to handle future disruptions confidently and effectively, and to achieve resilient, connected, intelligent, and sustainable supply chain management. Clients turn to us for our unique combination of engineering and IT expertise and experience, as well as our in-depth knowledge in redefining automotive supply chain processes. Capgemini’s comprehensive service portfolio spans the end-to-end automotive supply chain. Our capabilities are complemented by strong partnerships with solution suppliers and with the hyperscalers who are increasingly important in this market.

Automotive supply chain – Pursuing long-term resilience

When evaluating the supply chain challenges of the past few years, automotive industry supply chain disruption stands out. Conventional wisdom in the industry has been challenged as companies look to navigate a new, more volatile reality. In our newest Capgemini Research Institute report, we look at how automotive companies can move towards a resilient, connected, intelligent, and sustainable supply chain in this transformed landscape.

“By maturing their approach to supply chain management in the automotive industry, leading organizations are reaching a position where the supply chain is recognized as a value creator rather than just a cost centers. This achievement depends, above all, on using advanced processes and technology to deliver end-to-end visibility, and to add intelligence to the organization through data-enabled decision-making.”

Roshan Batheri, Automotive Industry Leader North America at Capgemini Americas

Automotive reusable packaging

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